Why Do PA Homeowners Love Permeable Pavers?

With growing ecological awareness amongst consumers and local regulations being put into place to ensure better stormwater management, permeable pavers are becoming an increasingly popular paver option for PA properties. They provide benefits that concrete, asphalt and other regular pavers lack, namely their ability to allow water to pass quickly and effectively through them into the ground beneath. Naturally, you want your outdoors to be both aesthetically pleasing and kind to the environment, so let's find out why PA homeowners love permeable pavers so much.

Masters of Water Management

Asphalt and poured concrete are not the most effective material to maximize your property's drainage. Apart from requiring periodic resurfacing, they do not let flowing water pass through them, instead diverting it. This can result in a number of issues including flooded or waterlogged areas on your property, and also beyond the boundaries of your home. Stormwater runoff is generally funneled into the street and into storm water drains where it is returned to reservoirs. However, pollutants, litter and debris is carried along with this water and results in damage to the environment and garbage deposits being formed on the banks of natural rivers.

On the other hand, permeable pavers allow the water to filter through them instead of funneling it into overflowing areas. The water that passes through permeable pavers can then return to natural subterranean water systems or be caught in rainwater collection tanks, leaving you with nothing to worry about.

Some properties in PA are only allowed a limited number of impermeable structures due to local regulations. Using permeable pavers gives you access to more construction options, such as additional patios and plazas, due to their drainage capabilities.

Why Do PA Homeowners Love Permeable Pavers?

Strong and Durable

High quality permeable pavers can really withstand a hammering. They can support heavy loads without trouble, making for durable driveways and areas subjected to heavy traffic.

Cost Effective

Homeowners will discover that permeable pavers are also very affordable. Professionals can install them quickly and efficiently, resulting in low labor costs. They are also inexpensive to manufacture, and can normally be created from local and recycled materials. This means that there is no need to source stone or rock from another state or country.

This low cost combined with their low maintenance requirements, means permeable pavers are a great long term investment for your property.

They Just Look Great

Poured concrete and asphalt do little to enhance the aesthetic of your property. Permeable pavers, however, are available in a number of natural-looking designs and attractive colors to enhance your property.  Regardless of the theme of your landscape, you're sure to find the permeable paver ideal for creating attractive driveways, walkways and patios to match your property.

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Keep It Cool

Because of their lower density, permeable pavers absorb much less heat from the sun and create a surface that remains cooler underfoot. Allowing water to drain into the ground also creates a cooling effect allowing for healthier plant life and a cooler area in summer. This greatly improves air quality by maintaining airborne moisture that would otherwise evaporate due to the heat of the pavers. The droplets of water vapor in turn removes dust and pollen from the air, resulting in cleaner air for your outdoor spaces.