How Your Allentown, PA, Landscape Contractor Can Add Functionality to Your Outdoor Living Space

While appearance matters in landscapes, it’s not as important as function. One person’s idea of a fully functional landscape will differ from another’s: What matters is your lifestyle and outdoor habits—let them be a guide in your landscape design. With the help of a landscape contractor who considers your situation and tastes when putting together a landscape plan, your Allentown, PA, your outdoor living space can become highly functional.

Separate Areas into Rooms

How Your Allentown, PA, Landscape Contractor Can Add Functionality to Your Outdoor Living Space

By dividing your landscape into separate rooms, a landscape contractor will make your exterior space more inviting and usable. A few examples of potential room spaces include an outdoor kitchen, dining space, conversation nook, serenity garden, game court, among many others.

Add Lighting

Don’t put a halt to your outdoor relaxing or entertaining stop just because the sun goes down. Seeing where you’re going and what you are doing is critical to enjoying your landscape at night. A landscape lighting plan includes ambient and task lighting to expand your time and enjoyment outside.

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Connect the Entire Landscape

By creating connections among the various elements of your landscape, you’ll have a more unified and usable space. Easily traverse among the outdoor spaces within your landscape using walkways made of beautifully modern stone pavers.

Create Privacy

The functional aspects of your landscape are improved with appropriate provisions for privacy. Live how you like without the prying eyes of passersby being a concern. Options for your property might include a stone wall around your patio, for seclusion when you’re gathered around the fire pit or perhaps a row of hedges that form a bushy boundary line.

Encourage Interaction and Comfort

Seating arrangements that include comfortable interaction and relaxation further the purposes of your landscape. Enjoy your property whether you’re a consummate host of big parties or in constant need of retreating on your own when you get home—a seating wall gives room to the masses while a small courtyard patio could be the perfect size for two people.

Provide Shade

The shade provided by a healthy canopy can significantly lower the temperature during the hottest months of the summer. You could keep your utility bills lower by spending more time outside during that time, away from the air conditioner, while having a more pleasing experience in the fresh air.

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Include Container Plants

Using containers for at least a portion of your plantings ensures that you have a degree of changeability within the design while also being able to move vulnerable plants indoors during stormy or cold conditions.

Choose Plant Combinations Wisely

When choosing plants for your landscape, consider the functional aspects that you can improve. An herb or vegetable garden provides greenery with sustenance, or plant perennials and native plantings to promote healthy, low-maintenance softscapes within the landscape.

Incorporate Permanent Seating

You can also promote the functional use of your landscape by including permanent seating at prime positions. Within the dining area, secluded portions of a garden, and along a lengthy walkway, a few places for guests to sit and take in the landscape could be just what your outdoor living space needs.

Deploy an Irrigation System

In these times of environmental consciousness, our use of water is always on the table for discussion. A modern irrigation system minimizes water waste and can be custom made for your lawn and plantings.