Incorporating Smart Lighting in Your Exeter, PA, Landscape Design

Incorporating Smart Lighting in Your Exeter, PA, Landscape Design

Smart lighting brings undeniable advantages to a landscape. It puts the homeowner in control of landscape lighting options, whether you want more brightness for a large party or a more intimate feel after a long day at work. You can use your smart lighting to make a sudden change or set up timers that do the work for you. If you are considering adding or replacing landscape lighting for your Exeter, PA, home, there are several reasons why you will want to include smart lighting in your new landscape design.

Longer Lifespan

Smart lighting usually involves LED lighting, which stands for light emitting diode, produces light when an electrical current runs through, as opposed to a traditional light bulb that uses a filament. Compared to traditional landscape lighting, LED lighting lasts up to four times longer than even halogen bulbs. It stays nice and bright, never waning, until the end of its life. More light can be emitted with lower energy consumption. Not only do LED lights stay cool to the touch no matter how long they have been burning, but the components are completely recyclable. There are no emissions, either.

Plus, because smart lighting gives you more control over your lighting—you can set timing options and are more likely going to remember to turn the lights off when you can control your lighting by your smartphone—smart lighting tends to use up less power than other landscape lighting options.

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Whatever can be done with traditional landscape lights can be done with smart lights. From small twinkly lights, to low level walkway lights, to gorgeous porch fixtures, you are not limited by your choice of smart lighting for your landscape. You can use smart lighting for uplighting special trees in the landscape or a focal stone wall, and for downlighting lower landscape features. Versatility takes your lighting beyond a simple flick of the switch and gives you multiple ways to set the tone for an evening outside.

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Enhanced Security

Smart lighting options not only involve an array of current fixtures for the exterior of your home, but may involve built-in cameras and motion detectors. With the use of your smartphone, you can adjust the lights to make it appear as if you are home, when in reality you are actually away on vacation.

The LED landscape lighting can illuminate walkways, so that any visitors can see clearly to approach your home. It can light up a patio area for a party, or just for a relaxing evening with family. New smart lighting landscape products are coming out all the time to make landscape lighting add to the safety of your property. Landscape lighting experts can catch you up on the latest trends and technologies.

If smart LED lighting has piqued your interest, discuss the options available for your home with a landscape specialist at Nature’s Accents. Using Tru-Scapes LED light fixtures and Bluetooth transformers, Nature’s Accents can bring the ease of controlling all of the landscape lighting for your Exeter, PA, property with a touch from your smartphone. It’s a fun and much more efficient way to light up your outdoor living space.