5 Unilock Concrete Wallstones for a Stunning PA Backyard Fire Pit

With Unilock products, you have the power to make the construction of your fire pit in Berks County, PA, easier, more affordable, and more durable than you could have imagined. The various textures, styles, and colors also make it possible to complement your home and existing landscape. Your fire pit must be safe, functional, and aesthetically appropriate, and these options are guaranteed to meet these requirements. Best of all, the approach used by Unilock to manufacture these concrete units allows you to maximize form and function effortlessly.

Brussels Dimensional System

With the addition of tapered units, Brussels Dimensional System offers an easy solution to curved walls, like those expected in a fire pit. With the many color options available, you can complement your home with colored materials designed to bring out the best in your landscape and existing structure. Choose from among shades like Almond Grove, Coffee Creek, Limestone, New York Blend, Sandstone, Sierra, and Terra Cotta for your construction. This system has a weathered texture and a durable construction, so your fire pit will fit within rustic, traditional, and practically any other design scheme.

Estate Wall

With a weathered texture and a commanding impression, Estate Wall is more appropriate to statement-making pieces. If you’d like for your fire pit to become a feature of your design, complementing the home and emphasizing a natural rock exterior, look to Estate Wall and choose a shade from one of those offered. They include Almond Grove, Granite, Sierra, and Walnut, all shades designed to emphasize the color of plantings and fit perfectly in the natural environment of your outdoor space. Your fire pit space will seem to be the foundational feature of your landscape when these natural rock blocks compose the structure.

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Lineo Dimensional Stone

With a minimalist focus, this option has a smooth bevel and a linear focus. The units come as a set of three different length rectangles for a simple and straightforward design. The shades of Almond Grove, Limestone, and Sierra serve to complement your home’s coloring as well as the rest of your landscape. Create an unexpected, contemporary take on a fire pit to reflect a modern and minimalist preference. This option also pairs well with other Unilock units, making it a prime choice for accent banding and pattern creation.

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Rivercrest Wall

5 Unilock Concrete Wallstones for a Stunning Berks County PA Backyard Fire Pit

For the classic look of stacked flagstone, Rivercrest Wall has the random appearance and feel you desire due to a system that incorporates many differently sized units. The system comes in the shades of Coastal Slate and Buff, so whether you're after a coastal theme or the look of a romantic old-world construction, your fire pit will meet your needs regarding appearance and function. Enjoy a roaring fire with family and friends while taking a nostalgic trip backward in time facilitated by the timeworn and classic appearance of your Rivercrest Wall fire pit.

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For a functional and natural fire pit, look to RomanWall concrete units for the construction. With a distressed appearance and a versatile functionality, this option is great for fire pit construction, and you can choose from among the shades of Almond Grove, Granite, and Sierra to perfectly complement your natural-looking fire pit.

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