Making a Fire Pit the Centerpiece of your Berks County Backyard

By selecting a focal point for a particular outdoor room, you can establish a well-defined atmosphere within it. For example, opting to make a fire pit the center of your outdoor space can foster a cozy, welcoming evening ambience. Pair your fire pit with other elements that contribute towards an intimate, comfortable atmosphere for a ‘finished’ design. Whether your desired aesthetic is rustic, modern, or casual, a fire pit will serve as an excellent focal point for your Berks County PA, backyard.

Enclose the space to optimize intimacy

Making a Fire Pit the Centerpiece of your Berks County PA Backyard

A low wall, pergola, or eye-catching paving borders can visually enclose an outdoor room and enhance its intimacy. These structures can also concentrate the light and warmth from the fire pit within a smaller area so that it has a larger effect on the atmosphere of the room.

Pay attention to the surface textures and shades of the units used in the construction of the fire pit. The higher the quality of these products, the more attention your fire pit will capture and the longer it will last. Consider matching the pavers incorporated into your fire pit with those used to create borders elsewhere in your hardscape.

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Arrange your outdoor furniture around the fire pit, inviting people to gather around its warmth and engage in conversation. This arrangement also tends to result in a more intimate environment. A pergola, adorned with shade cloth or curtains, can be used to shield the room from intense sunlight during the day.

Create a relaxed campfire-like setting

Arranging your outdoor furniture around your fire pit can achieve more than just cozy conversation. It can also draw more attention to the fire pit in the center, ensuring that it stands out and is effective as a focal point. You can also have a seat wall constructed that follows the shape of the fire pit and partially encloses it. When this arrangement is created in an open space, it can result in a casual, campfire-like atmosphere.

A fairly isolated part of your backyard, away from tall trees and open to the starry night sky, will serve as the perfect spot for this kind of fire pit. Sandy-colored units, or those that resemble sandstone or slate, are great candidates for this fire pit design, and pair well with wicker chairs and plenty of surrounding greenery.

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Personalize the space

One important function of any focal point is to personalize the hardscape and make it more memorable. Consider adding small, thoughtful touches to the design of your fire pit and its surroundings. Candles, for example, can bring plenty of character to a fireside and enhance its feeling of intimacy. Homeowners often opt to place other decorative items along the edge of their fire pit, should it be wide enough. Wide ledges can also serve as casual seating space from which guests can enjoy the fire up-close.

Incorporating pavers with weathered surface textures into the construction of a fire pit can also result in a unique design, and the use of pavers in slightly different shades can enhance the design in a similar way.

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Image courtesy of Unilock.