Stylish Patio Ideas for Small Outdoor Spaces in Lehigh County, PA

Don’t allow a lack of open space to discourage your efforts of remodelling your Lehigh County, PA, landscape. The tiniest backyards can pack the greatest punches and are often easier to maintain too. Read on for a few innovative ideas for small backyards.

Endless possibilities for pool designs

The fun and relaxation promised by a private pool is by no means reserved for those with large, sprawling landscapes. Regardless of how little open space you may possess, a private pool can be nestled into the smallest and most awkward corners of a landscape. For example, if your backyard is sloped, you might want to invest in a small infinity pool that spills over into a catchment area below. Infinity pools have great resort-like appeal and are perfect for taking a quick dip. Plunge pools are characteristically small and deep and are also excellent for cooling off with a margarita. It is generally cheaper to build a small pool because far less labour and materials are required. Small pools can also be fitted with built-in seats, water jets and a range of other features that will transform them into personal spas. Small pools are also easier to keep heated. If you have a narrow strip of unoccupied land on your property, and would like to do more in your pool that kick back and relax, then investing in a small lap pool would be a good idea. These pools tend to be sleek, geometric and excellent additions to contemporary homes.

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Design techniques that create visual space

Stylish Patio Ideas for Small Outdoor Spaces in Lehigh County, PA

There are various colors, materials and design techniques that optimize how large and spacious an outdoor room appears. Light colors, for example, create an open and breathable atmosphere, while darker colors make spaces feel more crowded. Ensuring that plenty of light filters into the area is also a sure-fire way to make it look and feel more spacious. The jointing lines between pavers can make a patio floor appear cluttered, so opt for large pavers that require fewer jointing lines. Opting for jointing material in a similar color to the pavers will also help to obscure the lines and open up the floor. Avoid overwhelming your patio design by selecting materials in subdued shades and textures. This will have a stunning accumulative impact that will give the room a ‘finished’ look. A collection of bold colors squeezed into a small space, however, can look tacky and crowded.

Strategic lighting

Your backyard should be well-lit at all times to ensure that you, your guests, and your family can navigate the area safely. Particularly hazardous spots, such as the grill and pool, should receive special attention from the layout of your landscape lighting. Lighting serves various functions within a landscape and, in addition to keeping everyone safe, can contribute a great deal to the look and ambience of different outdoor rooms. Finally, it also determines how spacious your landscape looks and feels after sunset. Keeping corners well-lit and illuminating small dark spaces, such as the area beneath your countertops, can go a long way towards making your patio look and feel larger.

There are also various ways to achieve a well-lit patio that complement and accentuate different aesthetic themes. Consider hanging lanterns for a bohemian touch, or drape fairy lights through trees for a romantic atmosphere.  

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