4 Landscaping Ideas for the Perfect Poolscape in Exeter

Tanning beside the pool, or enjoying the cool shelter of your pergola, is the perfect way to spend the warmer months to come in Exeter, PA. Poolscapes are wonderfully versatile and allow you to cool off, stay fit, have fun, and socialize - all in the comfort of your backyard. In addition to serving a variety of practical functions, pools also contribute a great deal to your landscape design and aesthetic. Consider spending the rest of winter preparing your backyard for summer with these simple tips.

Creating captivating contrasts

Consider incorporating contrasts into the design of your poolscape, as they can help to make it unique and memorable. For example, a geometric pool and sleek patio pavers paired with a lush lawn and dark blue pool water can result in a stunning blend of modern and traditional aesthetic themes. If you think that dark pool water may be unpleasant to jump into, you’re not alone. Homeowners who are less inclined to spend time in their pool, and install it purely for decorative purposes, are more likely to seek out this look. However, there are plenty of contrasting colors and textures that can take your pool and patio to the next level.

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Going green

Using your poolside to echo the soft shapes and hues found in the surrounding softscape can visually unify the entire backyard. Incorporating plenty of large, leafy plants into the poolscape can also give it a tropical look. Avoid geometric shapes and opt for sweeping curves, as they have a more soothing appearance that will complement the rest of the design. Homeowners tend to incorporate plenty of natural stone into designs like these, and use stone to construct any water features and slides so that they blend seamlessly into their surroundings and don’t look out of place.

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Building upwards

4 Landscaping Ideas for the Perfect Poolscape in Exeter, PA

Flat poolscapes often lack interest and don’t achieve the same professional appearance as other multi-dimensional designs. Retaining walls can be used to create levels in a poolside slope, effectively energizing the landscape. Alternatively, a low wall can be created to function as a poolside waterfall and add the tranquil sound of running water to the space. Many homeowners also opt to construct a pergola near their pool, as it is an elegant source of shade that can be customized with different furniture and fabrics to give it a tropical or luxurious appearance.

Don’t forget the grill

Swimming and barbecuing go hand in hand, and there is no doubt that good food plays an integral role in outdoor entertainment. Locate your outdoor kitchen or grill island near the pool, but ensure that you steer clear of high traffic areas where people might walk into appliances or slip. Having a grill and bar fridge nearby will ensure that food and drinks are always on hand - what more could you ask for? Feel free to add beer taps, a pizza oven, and other luxuries to your outdoor kitchen, but ensure that you leave plenty of counter space unoccupied for the preparation of food.

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