5 Farmhouse Landscaping Ideas for Your Lebanon, PA, Backyard

Farmhouse landscaping can be thought of as an execution of one’s appreciation for rural, or country, settings and can be achieved equally well with modern landscapes. A relaxed, country-style backyard can serve as the perfect getaway in Lebanon, PA. Elements that enhance the theme of your backyard can take a range of forms, from large centerpieces to inconspicuous details. Here are a few landscaping ideas for achieving a backyard that is fit for a farmhouse.

Exploit Your Environment

Achieving a country-style landscape design relies largely on creating a natural setting. Look into how your hardscape features can overlook the best views your backyard has to offer. From your well-designed patio, you can showcase the rolling hills beyond your backyard, for example.  Or you could conceal a busy roadway with a dense selection of stunning trees.

A farmhouse backyard would also not be complete without plenty of flowers and greenery. Consider nestling plantings into any open spaces, giving your backyard the lush, wholesome look and feel it needs. From daisies to hydrangeas and tulips—there are various flowers that pair excellently with traditional farmhouse aesthetics. You may want to refrain from using metal or plastic edging as man-made elements can taint the natural look and feel of your plant beds.

Pick the Right Color Palette

Soft pastel colors, in both decor and plantings, pair excellently with a country theme. Consider white fabrics and characterful wooden pieces painted in light blue for beachy flair. Tan shades pair stunningly with lush green softscapes and can be interspersed with pops of reds and blues, for example. Avoid silky nudes, vibrant yellows, and other punchy, bright colors as they can easily give outdoor rooms a modern look and feel.

Opt for Natural Materials

Country homes and hardscapes echo their natural surroundings. You should, therefore, try to incorporate as much organic material into your hardscape as possible. Opt for large boulders, stacked stone walls, and irregular flagstones for the construction of your farmhouse hardscape. These materials will imbue your landscape with a sense of effortless elegance and ensure that your property is cohesive and that the hardscape and softscape blend seamlessly into one another.  

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5 Farmhouse Landscaping Ideas for Your Lebanon, PA, Backyard

Furniture That Fits Your Theme

Every farmhouse backyard requires a serene spot in which to relax with family and friends. Regardless of how sleek and elegant modern outdoor furniture looks, it can contradict the aesthetic theme of your landscape and spoil the cohesiveness of your outdoor design. Choose furniture made from light wood or wicker for an equally elegant result that is better suited to your desired look. Cast iron patio furniture is also a perfect match for farmhouse themes and are incredibly durable. Adorn them in a few characterful cushions to make them as comfortable as possible. White wicker chairs and benches are also excellent additions for a relaxed backyard with a wholesome country feel. Consider a classic long farmhouse table or picnic table to punctuate your outdoor living area.

Matching Decor

As with any design endeavor, the devil is in the details. Consider adorning your landscape with characterful accents that highlight your farmhouse theme. Rustic, vintage, and repurposed items are perfectly suited to these landscapes. Consider leaning an old ladder against your home or shed, and allow vines and flowers to climb its frame. Painted gardening tools like trowels and pruning shears are also charming additions to a country landscape.