5 Landscaping Ideas for Making the Most of Your Allentown, PA, Side Yard

Side yards are generally so out of sight that they become neglected and excluded from the rest of the landscape. However, that patch of land running alongside your home offers untapped potential and can be transformed into anything from a lap pool to handy storage space. Here are a few outcomes that can result from giving your side yard a professional remodel in Allentown, PA: 

An attractive perimeter

5 Landscaping Ideas for Making the Most of Your Allentown, PA, Side Yard

If you don’t have any particular function in mind for your side yard, you can still transform it into a stunning perimeter that ties your landscape together nicely. For example, you could have a stunning stone wall constructed along its edge which will serve to enhance the overall appearance of your home. You could even have the timeless beauty of natural stone added to your existing boundary wall in the form of a simple, yet effective, stone veneer. Alternatively, a freshly stained wooden wall would also pair excellently with a traditional home and green landscape. Consider having your wooden boundary wall adorned with a characterful climbing plant for a side yard that packs even more punch. 

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A handy herb garden

Every avid at-home cook needs a herb garden from which to pick fresh thyme, basil and parsley. Not only are herb gardens functional, but they can also be quite beautiful and filled with character. They serve as a refreshing change from regular flower beds. Side yards are often shaded by the home and boundary wall, providing the ideal niche for many herbs, such as mint and chives. Consider housing your herbs in beautiful natural stone planters that will serve to personalize your side yard even further. 

A private patio

Your side yard is the perfect place to nestle a quiet bistro table and comfortable armchair. Small, secluded patios like these are perfect for savoring your first cup of coffee, or finishing a good book. While your main patio is constructed to cater for your friends and family, a side yard patio can be made more cozy and personalized. Consider having the patio shielded from the attention of any nearby neighbours using tall shrubs or a decorative screen. 

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A row of trees

Patios, pools and outdoor kitchens have become staple features for modern landscapes. After the installation of all these hardscaping features, little green space remains. You can therefore use your side yard to balance your landscape and counteract its lack of vegetation. Consider a tall row of trees that peek out above your boundary walls and enhance the impression of a lush, fertile landscape. They may even shade your home and provide relief to rooms that are usually exposed to blazing direct sunlight. It can also serve as a fun, fairy-tale-like retreat, especially when adorned with strings of fairy lights and a bench or two. Opt for evergreen trees to prevent your side yard from appearing abandoned during winter.   

Storage space

Many homeowners find that their properties lack sufficient storage space. Meanwhile, their side yards are often left to become overgrown and uninhabitable. Once these side yards are cleared out and neatened up, however, they provide one of the most valuable assets - space! Consider organizing your garage or shed and assigning all the items that simply won’t fit to your side yard. A hardy overhead shelter or shed can be installed in your side yard to protect your stored furniture, tools and building materials from the elements.