5 Stunning Edging Stones for Your South Whitehall, PA, Paver Driveway

Driveway edging serves the important purpose of creating a solid boundary between your South Whitehall, PA, property’s driveway and surrounding landscape. Tastefully chosen edging stones can not only add an additional aesthetic element to your driveway design but, in the case of an asphalt driveway, also protect the vulnerable edges of your driveway from damage. 

Brussels Block

5 Stunning Edging Stones for Your South Whitehall, PA, Paver Driveway

This classic Unilock paver has a diverse range of applications, including as an edging stone. Featuring an original tumbled paver design, the relaxed texture and weathered look of this paver make it easy to match with a wide variety of paver driveways. You have a wide range of color options too, from the authentic shades of Sandstone and Limestone to the more vibrant New York Blend and Almond Grove. This diversity in colors and size is important as it allows you to find the look that works best with your driveway. The paver is also complemented by a fullnose coping available in the same range of colors should you need matching coping for ledges and steps. 


Another Unilock classic, Hollandstone gives you all the flexibility of a brick paver, with all of the strength of concrete paired with a sophisticated and refined design. This paver features a wide range of colors including the distinct Red and Rustic Red that are excellent for creating a striking edge. More subtle options such as Charcoal and Granite are also available if you’re looking for a more integrated edging design. 

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The Mattoni paver is another excellent choice as an edging stone for your modern driveway. The long form factor and crisp edges give it a sleek look, while remaining true to its classic Roman style. Moreover, vibrant colors, such as Dark Charcoal and Cocoa Brown, coupled with the distinct length of the paver do an excellent job of creating a prominent boundary for your driveway. The paver also features Unilock patented EnduraColor technology which gives you an especially strong paver design with highly durable colors that are resistant to fading. 


Unilock Courtstone brings back the classic cobblestone look with a more robust concrete construction. The paver features Unilock Reala Surface Technology where each paver is perfectly crafted with exceptional authenticity. The worn edge of this paver makes it a safe option for an edging stone. Courtstone is also designed with Ultima Concrete Technology which makes it four times stronger than poured concrete - an important feature considering the hard wear that edging stones face. Courtstone offers a huge range of distinct colors to either match your driveway seamlessly or create a striking boundary.

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If matching your driveway with the authentic look of granite sounds appealing to you, look no further than Umbriano pavers from Unilock. This paver simulates the speckled look of natural granite while offering a range of colors that can be hard to source in natural stone. Harvest Brown and Midnight Sky can create a distinct edge to your driveway with their striking colors, while Summer Wheat and French Grey can create a more subtle edge. This paver also offers a large variation of component sizes to create borders for a dynamic design. 

Image courtesy of Unilock.