Clever Landscaping Ideas for Protecting Yourself and Your Family from the Sun in Reading, PA

Everybody loves a little sunshine in Reading, PA. But, a little goes a long way. Sooner than later, you and your family will need a little shelter from the UV rays. But fear not, here are a few clever landscaping ideas that will protect you and your family from the sun:

A Vibrant Awning

Whether your lawn is large or small, a canvas awning, made for external use, in a vibrant color will provide a pocket of welcome shade. Awnings are much more than they used to be—the modern awning is versatile, made of longer lasting material, and aesthetically pleasing. There are a variety of awning options as well. If you already have an outdoor sitting area, an awning is a great addition to an area where people already tend to congregate. An awning is also a great excuse to get some stylish lawn furniture. A Nature’s Accents Landscape Services professional can help you to choose the right outdoor furniture and awning for your specific outdoor space.

Extend the Landscape to Existing Shady Spots

Typically, every landscape already has at least a couple of shady spots that are not being utilized. Consider ways to these places useable for you and your family. Whether these shady spots exist on the perimeter of the landscape, underneath a patch of trees, by the side of the house, or by some other existing structure, the cleverest way to create comfort in your yard is to utilize the shade that already exists. Consider having outdoor structures, such as a patio or outdoor living room, constructed in these naturally shaded areas.

The Side of the House

Clever Landscaping Ideas for Protecting Yourself and Your Family from the Sun in Reading, PA

Expanding on the idea of utilizing already existing shady spots, the side of the house is a hidden gem. Often, the side of the house is not utilized for any purpose at all. For those with limited space, utilizing the side of the house is especially important. A great idea for utilizing this shade is to have a visually interesting walkway created, equipped with a bench or two. For even more shade, a series of trellises with leafy, shade-producing, vines can be added to arch over the walkway. Or perhaps the side of the house can host a robust, shade-loving garden, with small trees and seating. There are many options available to make sure that the best shady spots are utilized.

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Pull-down Shades

For those who already have a standing pergola or other shade-producing structure, the addition of a set of pull-down shades can create a new level of summer comfort. Most shade-offering structures create overhead protection, but nothing more. To prevent glare and the intense rays of a setting sun, pull-down shades offer the perfect solution. Pull-down shades are available in many styles, they can even be custom made, and can be easily installed by your landscape professional.

Partial Pergola

The pergola is a classic way to make some shade. Consider shaking things up a bit, and creating a partial pergola to your patio or outdoor space. The classic square-shaped pergola is a little wanting. Consider, instead, a corner version of the pergola, or a rectangular pergola, to shade your porch only partially. This allows you and your family to enjoy the best of both worlds: the shady side of the porch when the sun is hot, and the sunny side, on those slightly breezy, perfect summer days.

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