A Guide to Year-Round Lawn Care in Berks County, PA

Caring for your lawn and surrounding property is not just a seasonal affair but a year-round pattern of maintenance. Taking the appropriate lawn care actions for each season will help your landscape stay healthy and look great each year. Here’s a guide to how your Berks County, PA, lawn should be cared for every season of the year.


The winter months are brutal with freezing temperatures and snowfalls. Continuing to care for your lawn during this time can help it look fantastic when the spring rolls around. Your landscaper may want to apply winter fertilizer, which can keep your grass healthy and help avoid winter damage caused by frost. Another important part of winter lawn maintenance is making sure your lawn is at the right height. Grass grows all year-round, even though the cold significantly slows that growth during the winter. So, if there’s no snow on the ground and your grass is long, a mow might prevent long grass from matting, which can cause disease.

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A Guide to Year-Round Lawn Care in Berks County, PA

Once April brings a welcome thaw, the grass begins to speed up growth and prepare for the summer months. Your lawn should be fertilized in the early spring to help it gear up for the active growth cycle ahead. A good seeding will also help your lawn get a head start on being lush and thick. Fresh seed will help to choke out any early weeds that may pop up. Once your lawn has had a chance to aerate and dry out from the winter moisture, a good cleanup of debris will help to remove anything that could potentially inhibit your grass from growing. If you have any bushes or shrubs on your landscape, then this could be the best time for an efficient pruning.


The hot summer months can be the trickiest season for your lawn. One of the most important things during this time is adequate water. Having an inadequately watered landscape can cause yellow patches, uneven growth, and even damage to your home if surrounding tree roots dig into your pipes looking for water. Consider adding a sprinkler system to your landscape to make sure your lawn is hydrated. This is also the time of year where you’ll need consistent mowing. Grass can quickly overgrow and get longer than is desirable or allowed by your town. Consistent mowing can also keep your grass healthy, and grass clippings add an extra boost of nitrogen that your soil needs to keep your lawn weed-free and green.

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Autumn is a favorite time of year because of the beautiful colors of the changing leaves and foliage on trees, shrubs, and bushes. But a buildup of fallen leaves on your lawn can prevent your grass from getting needed sunshine and oxygen. A good landscape service will maintain your lawn and make sure leaves don’t accumulate and smother your grass. For most people, the fall is when they get in the final mow before spring, which can prevent overgrown grass from matting down on itself. It’ll also the time when a landscaper may want to apply a final layer of fertilizer to give your grass enough nutrients for the winter.

Nature’s Accents can provide all these services for you to keep your lawn in tip-top shape year-round, ensuring it’s green and lush when “lawn season” comes around. Contact us today for more information about the services we offer and how we can help your home’s curb appeal!