Add Shade to Your Exeter, PA, Landscape with These Pergola Design Ideas

A pergola is more than just an outdoor roof—thoughtfully designed, it can really function as an extension of your indoor living space. It can be attached to your Exeter, PA, house or be a free-standing structure in the yard. As you contemplate making a change to your landscape design by bringing in more shade, a pergola is the obvious answer. Make it possible with these design ideas.

Charming Cottage Pergola

Add Shade to Your Exeter, PA, Landscape with These Pergola Design Ideas

Consider a cottage-style twist for your new pergola. Think about using cedar beams and posts because it holds up well to weather and is extremely durable. If your home lacks a patio or the one you have is remarkably small, it may be time to expand your outdoor living space with a large patio that’s covered by a cedar pergola. It would give you space to increase your entertaining area, even when it is warm outside. Accent with some reclaimed wood and copper fixtures, and you have a rustic, charming addition to your cottage home.

Clean, Contemporary Pergola

To complement a modern home design, a pergola with columns instead of posts works well. Painted white to continue a neutral palette, the rafters can be simple with no special cuts or edges. A long sectional sofa and wood-toned table provide comfortable, shaded seating for you and your guests.

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Stone Column Pergola

A pergola that is anchored by stone columns can work pretty much with any architectural style. With the myriad of stone colors and laying patterns available, the appearance you choose can be rustic or modern. Paired with wood posts or painted posts and beams, the stone columns work well beside a pool when you need shade or as its own separate spot for pure relaxation away from the sun’s rays.

Dining Area Pergola

Sometimes a pass-through between two parts of a home can seem like wasted outdoor space. Consider adding a pergola there that spans from one exterior wall to another for an outdoor dining room. Large pots at each post can house vines that grow up the sides to give shade and colorful floral accents. This would be an excellent space for hanging lanterns to bring an ambient glow for a relaxed dinner. And because it is located so close to the house, transporting food would be easy.

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Sun-Filtering Pergola

Sometimes one side of a home receives some pretty harsh sunlight, but an outdoor shade is not the look you want. A pergola for this part of your Exeter, PA, home would filter the sun, preventing it from fading your furniture and creating a glare, while also creating a dappled light effect that is wonderfully pleasing. You might decide to add some built-in brick or landscape stone planters so that you see a profusion of blooming flowers and trees where you were once stuck with a harsh glare.

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Besides that fact that a pergola is beautiful on its own, adding lights can extend the amount of time you can use it. Looking forward to enjoying some time in the evening after a long day can be a perfect reward. Flowers and pergolas certainly go together, as flowering vines create more shade and pleasure. Cozy furniture make a pergola the spot to read a book or sip a nightcap.