Landscape Maintenance for Your Lehigh County, PA, Springtime Cleanup

Spring cleaning isn’t limited to your home’s interior! Your landscape could likely benefit from a freshening up as well. Professional landscape maintenance for your Lehigh County, PA, springtime cleanup could include a variety of tasks, from simple picking up to heavy-duty cleaning and maintenance.

With professional assistance, you can reclaim your spring and enjoy the renewal of nature and nice weather without the chores related to your landscape hanging over your head. By choosing to hire professional landscaping services for your spring cleanup, you won’t need to rent any equipment, spend your precious weekends doing yard work, or risk damaging your landscape due to your inexperience.

Cleaning the Landscape of Debris

Landscape Maintenance for Your Lehigh County, PA, Springtime Cleanup

Landscape Maintenance for Your Lehigh County, PA, Springtime Cleanup

As we emerge from the cold, the snowy darkness of winter turns into the bright days of spring, but unfortunately this time also calls attention to the leftover debris of those dreary months. Branches and leaves mar the lawn and become noticeable when the warmer days draw you to spend more time outside. Noticing this debris could be the first step in thinking through what’s needed for spring cleaning outside.

Cleaning Gutters, Exteriors, Walkways, and Patios

A sprucing up this time of year could also include your gutters and hardscape features like your walkways or patio. Pressure washing may be in order to clear out any winter grime, and professional landscapers will know exactly what the features of your landscape need for cleaning and to do so in such a way that preserves their beauty and durability.

Freshening Planting Beds

Your planting beds likely also require work. The perennials will need to be separated and spaced, and dead annuals need to be removed. New plantings will need to be installed as well. Weed killer and a new layer of mulch will protect your new spring plantings and provide a fresh look to your landscape. If you have rock mulch, it will need to be refreshed with a nice cleaning and weed treatment before the growing season gets underway.

Remediating Bald Spots in the Lawn

If the lawn returns after winter unevenly, it’s an opportune time to identify the spots with dying grass and prepare them to be seeded or re-sodded. A proper removal of the dead grass can make way for an application of compost and fertilizer before the grass seed is applied. Professional landscapers take the guesswork out of setting up your grass for a strong growing season.

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Preparing the Irrigation System

Before summer and the growing season get underway, your irrigation system needs to be addressed. It was likely drained before winter to prevent pipes from bursting, so now, it needs to be primed and inspected for any cracks or damage that might affect its performance.

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Surveying the Other Areas of Your Landscape

Sprucing up your landscape this time of year could go beyond pure cleaning. It may be the best time of year to consider your options for a pool installation, for example, if that is something that has always been on your family’s landscape bucket list. It may also be time to think about whether a shaded structure, such as a pergola, would get you to spend more time outside as the sun keeps getting brighter. Or it could be time to look into a landscape lighting plan to extend the amount of hours your family spends outside. Before the best time of the year really gets underway, springtime offers a moment to look at your landscape in a whole new light.