Why Should Your Landscape Maintenance Contract Include Lawn Mowing?

Many people prefer the ease and convenience of hiring a landscaper to maintain their Lebanon, PA, property. Others may want more information about why this makes their lives easier. If you’re wondering why your landscape maintenance contract should include regular mowing, we’ve got the answers.

Why Should Your Landscape Maintenance Contract Include Lawn Mowing?


The first and perhaps most obvious reason to have a landscaper mow your lawn regularly is that it keeps your property looking neat. Having regular lawn maintenance would be a serious boost to your property’s curb appeal as it makes even smaller homes look tidy and welcoming. Likewise, overgrown grass and weeds can make even the nicest of homes appear sloppy and unkempt. This can happen because each blade of grass grows at different rates, causing unmowed grass to look asymmetrical and chaotic. Mowing keeps your grass even, gives it clean lines, and complements the rest of your landscaping features, as well as your home itself.

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Having overgrown grass can be a safety hazard for people, children, and pets. Certain types of pests, like ticks, look for tall grasses to hide out in. This can make your unmowed lawn an unwitting home for these critters. Because these types of insects can target warm bodies, it only takes a few minutes for one to jump aboard you or a loved one. Worse yet, these pests can harbor serious disease and cause life-threatening illness. Keeping your lawn well maintained lowers the risk of pesky critters lurking in the shadows.


Regular mowing is healthy for lawns in the same way getting regular haircuts is good for your hair. Keeping grass at a healthy length ensures that your lawn isn’t stressed or starving for nutrients. The grass clippings from a mowing session put nutrients back into your lawn and continue a cycle of fertilization that keeps your grass green and lush. The nitrogen in the clippings can give your soil much-needed nutrients that can prevent certain weeds. It also means you can use less water to keep your lawn hydrated, which is environmentally friendly and can save a little on utility bills.

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The best part about having a landscaper mow your lawn? You don’t have to! Your landscaper will take care of your lawn while you’re at work, running errands, or just spending precious time with family. You don’t have to worry about scheduling time to do this chore, mustering up the energy, or cleaning up afterward. Additionally, many towns have ordinances against overgrown grass as it can look neglected and bring down property values. Overgrown lawns could present a risk of a fine. Mowing your own lawn means having to buy a lawnmower, sharpen the blade regularly, and keep gasoline for it. Some lawnmowers even have start mechanisms that require a fair amount of physical exertion to get going. Save your time and energy, and have us take the worry off your back!

So now the question is, how many more reasons to you need? Between the convenience of a landscaper, the health of your grass, the safety of your loved ones, and the look of a freshly mowed lawn, there are plenty of reasons to let us do the work for you.

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