Landscape Maintenance: Top 4 Benefits of Flower Bed Care and Management

Flower beds are a traditional landscape feature that can be found in many homes around Lebanon, PA—in varying degrees of greatness. For your flower beds to always look their very best, they need regular landscape maintenance. Here are some of the benefits of making sure your flower beds are well cared for.

Maintaining Their Health

The health of your flower beds is directly impacted by the care and management they receive. Weeding, pruning, fertilizing, and water are only a few of the aspects of managing flower beds. Skipping even one of these vital needs can result in your beds becoming overgrown or dying out. Weeds can choke out the plantings you’ve installed, killing what you want growing in your bed.

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Failure to prune certain plantings can also kill them when the plant becomes too overgrown. Fertilizing will make sure your plants have enough nutrients to make it through any season, whether the days involve sweltering heat or freezing cold. A well-managed flower bed is a healthy one, and that means beautiful flowers and a happy homeowner.

Improving Their Appearance

The appearance of a flower bed is the main reason why most people keep flower beds in the first place. We all love the look of beautiful, colorful flowers, lush green foliage, and neatly arrayed borders. Neglected flower beds can look worse than none at all—with unsightly weeds, yellowed or dead flowers, and dry, powdery soil. Even just a fresh layer of moist mulch can suppress weeds, retain moisture, and provide an all-around neater appearance. Healthy flowers and plants are a subconscious symbol of a healthy home, and a cared-for bed conveys that message.

Achieving Sustainability

Landscape Maintenance: Top 4 Benefits of Flower Bed Care and Management

Focusing on sustainable landscapes has become a particular interest of homeowners in recent years. Having a well-maintained flower bed is not only pretty to look at but also helpful to the creatures that rely on it. Healthy plants and flowers attract birds, bees, and butterflies, for whom the species in your beds might be a source of food or shelter. Many butterflies rely on certain species of floral bushes and grasses for shelter when reproducing, and a healthy bush means more safety for a butterfly to lay eggs. Bees also rely on flowers for food, so a bed that’s been overwintered properly can be the first source for bees when the spring comes.

Adding Function to Your Landscape

Another aspect of flower beds is function. They can soak up excess water that might run off around your property, preventing puddles and erosion in your landscape. If the flower beds are directly adjacent to your home, they can draw the water in and prevent it from making its way toward your home’s foundation. Maintaining healthy plants in your flower bed, like an azalea or butterfly bush, can drink up all the rainwater that might have otherwise found its way into your basement.

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While flower bed maintenance is important, not everyone has the time or energy to do it on their own. Nature’s Accents Landscape Services, Inc. can help! We provide year-round care for your landscape so that you can sleep worry-free knowing your property will always look its best. For more information, click on Contact and we’ll be happy to help!