The Ways Lawn Care Can Extend the Longevity of Your Lehigh County, PA, Property

Weeds, overgrowth, and pests could all be affecting your lawn’s ability to thrive. When you look out at your less than lovely landscape right now, it may seem like a hopeless situation, but specific lawn care services can bring your Lehigh County, PA, property back to tiptop shape and get your lawn thriving again—and looking nice and healthy for a long, long time.

Trim the Lawn

The Ways Lawn Care Can Extend the Longevity of Your Lehigh County, PA, Property

Regular lawn mowing and basic landscape care go a long way when it comes to keeping your property looking and working its best. Low grass and cleared away vines and weeds keep pests at bay, and ensures that your landscape’s best features are fully in view.

Water Properly

Tough summers of little rain and lots of sun can lead to landscapes that look parched and dry. By the end of the season, you could see dead patches of grass, or at the very least, yellow or brown areas. Your lawn care specialist can guide you toward the best ways for keeping your landscape properly watered, with helpful tips on how often and how much water your yard needs.  

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Get on the Cleanup Schedule

Seasonal cleanups are essential when it comes to keeping your property in its best shape. Leaves aren’t just messy nuisances, but they are known for damaging some structures, by staining lower quality hardscape features as the leaves decompose and aren’t removed promptly. Inquire with your lawn care service whether you can get on a seasonal cleanup schedule to keep your property and your lawn in its best shape all year long.

Fertilize for Ongoing Lawn Health

Even Mother Nature needs a hand now and then; give your lawn a boost to look its best with fertilizer to infuse your landscape with the nutrients it may be lacking. There are a wide variety of fertilizers to choose from nowadays, and many of which are organic and work well for families with small children and pets. Speak with your lawn care specialist about getting on a fertilization plan that works best for your household’s needs.

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Look into De-bugging Options

No one wants pests in your home. The ones that find a way a way in had to crawl through your landscape first. You can help to prevent pests from interfering with the health of your lawn and keep them away from your property altogether with a lawn care plan. Insects and critters like grubs can also damage your lovely lawn and wreak havoc on your sod. Anthills are one offender, but also consider taking steps to prevent voles, groundhogs, and other subterranean dwellers that will disturb the soil under your lawn. Regular pest control can aid your lawn care.

Make Time for Winterizing

When cool weather nears, you will want your lawn to be able to withstand the elements. Depending on the needs of your lawn and your lawn care service provider’s recommendations, winterizing may include laying out an extra layer of fertilizer and other preparation methods to prepare the landscape for your property’s harshest elements of the year. Speak with your lawn care professional to find out if there are any steps you need to take during the winter months to ensure your grass comes back beautifully in the spring.