How a Paver Patio Can Reduce Your Allentown, PA, Landscape Maintenance

A large landscape is a wonderful asset for any Allentown, PA, home. It presents many opportunities to create outdoor areas of enjoyment and relaxation. If it’s simply one big open plot of lawn, however, the maintenance requirements could be quite high. One way to reduce the landscape maintenance needs of your lawn is with a paver patio.

Advantages of Less Maintenance

How a Paver Patio Can Reduce Your Allentown, PA, Landscape Maintenance

Believe it or not, giving up some of the grass in your yard does not mean giving up beauty. It does mean giving up some of the maintenance required to keep your landscape looking its best. There is less weeding, less watering, less fertilizing, and less mowing. This also means less dollars spent on lawn care products, and less time spent worrying about the yard.

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Consider a Paver Patio

Perhaps you have a wood deck or a small concrete patio, but neither feature is getting much use or adding to the overall look of your landscape. Instead, perhaps just your grill is what gets the most attention these days since the look of the rest of your backyard is lacking.

Think about installing a durable, gorgeous paver patio. You could have a leisurely coffee in the morning, or enjoy a late evening drink there. With today’s pavers, manufactured using the latest technologies to prevent stains, fades, and long-term wear and tear, there is a color and style and texture for every preference.

If your home is traditional, you might select a paver patio that would complement a brick exterior. Rustic paver stones come in tan hues with finishes that go well with a natural wood home. If your home and taste leans more toward modern, then cool rectangular pavers in gray, tan, or white could fit with your love of minimal design.

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Add Borders

Strategically adding trees and shrubs to accessorize your new paver patio brings a finished appearance. Trees can either add shade, or they can be ornamental just like a pretty pair of earrings for a special outfit.

Adding shrubs gives you more green texture and flowers when they bloom. Flowering shrubs also attract butterflies, birds, and bees to keep the ecosystem of your backyard healthy. Consider ornamental grasses as they are free-flowing and some varieties bring color and height to the landscape.

Worth consideration are the addition of large boulder rocks in the landscape beds surrounding your paver patio as these rocks give visual weight and interest. They are also ideal places to plant trailing vines and fluffy groundcover that spread each year.

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Finish with Colorful Pots

A perfect way to add seasonal color to your paver patio could involve brightly colored pots filled with blooms and greenery. Since the flowers in pots are usually annuals, which live for just one season, you can change the color scheme and look of your pots when the flowers begin to droop.

Giving up some of your Allentown, PA, lawn will be no sacrifice when you install a dazzling paver patio to replace some of it. Adding functionality to your landscape will mean that you can spend more time outdoors relaxing and enjoying the nice weather instead of mowing, weeding, and watering.