Why Pennsylvania Certified Horticulturists on Your Lawn Care Team Is Important in South Whitehall, PA

You can have complete confidence in your South Whitehall, PA, lawn care team when a Pennsylvania Certified Horticulturist is on board. Specialists in the field of horticulture can offer a lot to a lawn care team, offering insights on plantings and landscaping that may not be obvious to those of us not in the know. If you haven’t given thought to specifically looking for a lawn care team with a certified horticulturist in the mix, read on and we’ll help show you why you should.

Native and Regional Plants 

Why Pennsylvania Certified Horticulturists on Your Lawn Care Team Is Important in South Whitehall, PA

Your yard is sure to look its best and perform best when you add native plants to your overall landscape plan. A certified horticulturist knows exactly what kind of plants thrive well in Pennsylvania, so you can have a beautiful garden all year long. You may love hibiscus and palm trees and want to add them to your landscape, but a certified horticulturist can tell you whether either would be a good choice in a northern climate. You can also have access to expert guidance on other types of plants that will make your home look its best for years to come. 

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Plant and Tree Health

Do you have a tree in your yard that’s not looking so hot? A certified horticulturist can confirm and identify if you have trees and plants in your yard that are diseased or dangerous. Yellow leaves and splotchy tree trunks aren’t always a sing of tree sickness, so consult with a pro before you decide to let your tree go. A horticulturist can also point out trees that need to be trimmed or that may become problematic for your property down the road. 

Poisonous Plants

Is there a killer lurking in your garden? Horticulturists are experts at identifying plants, and not all of the ones in your yard may be safe. Even if the flowers and shrubs in your garden are safe for humans, some may be toxic to your dogs in ways that you wouldn’t even suspect! A certified horticulturist can identify these plants for you and recommend removal. 

Soil Testing and Nutrients

Sometimes it’s not the plants that are the problem, but the soil. A certified horticulturist is trained to understand the type of nutrients and acidity levels that your yard and garden should have to ensure optimal health and growth of your plants. These levels can vary depending on climate and location—a certified Pennsylvania horticulturist is equipped with the knowledge about our area, so that your property will live up to its potential. 

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Proper Irrigation

Too much or not enough water can make or break the look of your lawn and garden. A certified horticulturist will know exactly the amount of watering each type of plant or grass will need, and can help suggest an irrigation plan to keep your garden and yard healthy. 

Every aspect from natural lighting and watering to which plants work well together goes into the planning of your landscape. With the knowledge provided by a certified horticulturist as part of this plan, you can be confident in the ongoing care of your yard. Be sure that your lawn care team has one of these essential experts on staff, and you’ll have the peace of mind that your landscaping will be beautiful and lush for years to come.