Low Maintenance Lawn Care Solutions in the Wayne Township, PA, Area

When it comes to keeping your Wayne Township, PA, lawn looking its best all year long, consistent lawn care is key. There’s more involved in ensuring a lush lawn than watering and regular mowing, but many homeowners do not have time to keep track of all of the steps that need to be taken. If you are looking for a few good low maintenance lawn care solutions, read on and we’ll share some essential tips to help your yard looking its best, and to help make your life a little easier. 


Low Maintenance Lawn Care Solutions in the Wayne Township, PA, Area

If you don’t know the specific needs of the soil and grass in your lawn, then you are playing a dangerous guessing game that could lead to unsightly brown and yellow patches. Trust the experts to keep track—they know exactly when to fertilize the lawn, and how much of certain nutrients that your grass and soil needs. Water and sunshine are not enough: Lawns require a certain mix of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium to thrive.

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Keep Weeds at Bay 

Trying to pull out weeds as they pop up is a fool’s errand. It would be a constant job that no one has time for. A better approach is to lean on the expertise of certified horticulturists and pesticide applicators who know what’s needed for your particular lawn to prevent the weeds from popping up in the first place. This includes the prevention of the always ugly crabgrass.

Seasonal Cleanup

The cooler seasons sure do bring their share of messes, from leaves cluttering up the lawn to snow creating fertile ground for pests in the spring. By putting seasonal cleanup on your lawn care schedule, you can ensure the timely clearing of debris, as well as pest prevention, that will be done for the ultimate goal of making your grass thrive.

Look into a New Patio

One way to cut back on the maintenance needs of your lawn is to shrink it. Unless you make frequent use of your lawn by letting your pets roam around or playing ball with the kids, you may find you will get more use of your open space with an enlarged patio or expanded outdoor “room.” Quality patio pavers require very little maintenance while providing ample flooring for entertaining, relaxing on backyard furniture, and dining alfresco.

Flower Bed Maintenance

A beautiful lawn is made all the more attractive when it’s surrounded by flowers and plants. Lawn care service can include care for your flower beds, with the placement of mulch to keep those pesky weeds from finding a home among your plantings.

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Get on a Schedule

Decrease the amount of time you have to do any thinking about maintenance by getting on a regular lawn care maintenance plan. A regular mowing schedule makes the care of your landscape seamless—your weekends will be full of joy and admiration of the expertise and work that go into keeping it trim and beautiful.

Reach out to lawn maintenance experts who know your area, your climate, the needs of your soil, and exactly what your lawn needs to keep weeds and pests out.