Landscaping Ideas for Pet-Friendly Backyards in Lehigh County

Landscaping Ideas for Pet-Friendly Backyards in Lehigh County, PA

As a member of your family, your pet deserves to enjoy a safe, interesting environment, so as a pet owner in Lehigh County, PA, you should take into consideration the needs of your pet and provide it with the necessary amenities. Luckily, building a pet-friendly yard is great for the owner as well. Here are some ideas for inspiration:

Add a Water Feature

After taking a long walk or playing in the yard, your pet needs plenty of water. Building a source that will provide fresh water can, at the same time, add a creative touch to your backyard. There are many options when it comes to adding a water feature that will complement the style of your outdoor space and blend in with the surrounding elements.

For example, you can consider adding a pondless waterfall, a splash fountain, or a stream that will enhance the beauty of your landscape and add movement to a steady environment. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy the relaxing sounds created by running water?

Another option is to build a small pond or pool where the pet will have easy and safe access. Before building a pool, make sure you add easily accessible steps or a gently sloping side for the animal to be able to get out of the water without a problem.

Add a Safety Fence

Even though some animals have plenty of space, it is common for them to sneak out of the home or simply get lost. Therefore, it is crucial to add clear boundaries to your outdoor area so that the animal has a sense of the area that is allocated for running and playing. If required, your fence can surround the entire outdoor space. Fencing material should match the style of your landscape. For example, sleek, horizontal lines are perfect for contemporary landscapes, while traditional wooden fences suit rustic outdoor areas.

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Pet Friendly Hardscapes

The materials used to build your hardscape elements should also be pet-friendly, which means they shouldn’t get too hot, should be easy to walk on, and fences should be high enough for the pet to be safe. It is also a good idea to consider materials that will be easy to clean and remain stain resistant to the various messes that pets make. Consider materials such as flagstone, concrete pavers, pebbles, and smooth rock.

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Create a Place for Shade and Shelter

Pets can also get sunburned and suffer from poor health due to overexposure to sun, so it is important to have an area where they can take shelter. Dogs, for example, tend to overheat easily so it is crucial to have a place to cool down, preferably a dog house. If you want to spend time outdoors together with your pet, add a pergola over your patio or another shade structure that will highlight the rest of your landscape. A pergola can be made from different materials, including wood, which tend to add visual warmth and a more natural look to your backyard.

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