Landscaping Ideas that Kids Will Love

Families with kids will inevitably have to make special considerations when planning landscaping for their backyards in Lebanon, PA. There is a need to ensure enjoyment, safety and easy cleaning for those occasional spills. But even child-friendly backyards can exude charm with these landscape features:

Enclosed Playground

Landscaping Ideas that Kids will Love in Lebanon PA

An enclosed playground keeps the thrills and spills contained to a certain section of the yard. This will help to ensure safety, particularly during gatherings involving cooking when it may not be safe for kids to be running around where hot dishes are being carried back and forth. Typical features to include in a backyard playground include wading pools, sandboxes, monkey bars and slides. The area can also be placed at a safe distance from the patio, from which adult supervision can be maintained. The enclosure can be formed using soft hedge plants, or even be created at a lower level of the yard to ensure a good vantage point from the patio.

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Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is often considered a safer option than natural grass for backyard play areas. Artificial grass provides an even, uniform surface that results in fewer trips and falls compared to often uneven surfaces of natural grass lawns. Artificial grass can also provide a softer, springier surface to prevent injuries from falls. In addition, artificial lawn won’t show wear like a traditional lawn and requires very little maintenance in comparison. Bare, worn patches will no longer be a safety hazard for kids enjoying the area.

Bat Houses

Lebanon, PA, is home to a number of different species of bats, and although birdhouses may be the more popular option in most backyards, a bat house is a great way for kids to learn about these fascinating creatures. These inconspicuous boxes can be placed in trees around the backyard to welcome bats to stop by and stay a while. In the evenings, kids can enjoy watching the bats fly around the yard. The backyard will also benefit from natural insect control. This means fewer mosquitoes to bother you and your family as you enjoy warm summer evenings.

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A Secret Yard

A secret yard, which can be nestled behind a grove of trees or tucked between hedges, holds a special fascination for kids. This provides the perfect play area that can become a castle, fort, or a fairy hideaway in child’s imagination. Kids who love to read or prefer solitary play will be greatly excited when they have a secret area tucked away just for them.

Flowers That Attract Wildlife

Hummingbirds are likely to frequent yards with colorful blooms, and butterflies love fragrant flowers. Children will be delighted watching hummingbirds and sneaking up on butterflies to get a better look. A brightly flowered and fragrant backyard also creates an attractive environment that both children and adults can enjoy.

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Chalkboard Walls

Let your kids express their artistic side with a strategically placed chalkboard wall and colored chalk. Not only will this break up the fencing, provide a little privacy and add a nice focal point, but kids will love it too.