Landscape Design Ideas for Adding Interest to Huge Backyards in Lebanon

A large backyard is both a blessing and a challenge that requires the expert eye of an experienced landscaper. Enjoying plenty of space to call your own also means deciding how to define it. Choosing how to use and honor all of that empty space requires consideration of how you intend to use it. The members of your household, your attitudes toward entertaining, and your personal aesthetic preferences will all influence the choices that you make. For huge backyards in Lebanon, PA, the focus of design should be on the separation of spaces and large features of focus.

The Importance of Perspective

Landscape Design Ideas for Adding Interest to Huge Backyards in Lebanon, PA

In a large space, perspective will likely focus on size. In this area, you can feel free to go large. Have your spaces designed with large features to focus the eye. From trees to water features to pergolas, you don’t have to limit your vision of additions to your landscape. However, a few key features will suffice as well in order to avoid making the mistake of overwhelming the landscape with too many large inclusions. To emphasize the grand scale of your yard, the eye can be drawn immediately to the boundaries of the space. Call on a professional in the field to assist with prioritizing hardscapes and softscapes to incorporate into the design.

Spaces for Activity

All yards should be separated into functional spaces, but this requirement is especially important for large backyards. The spaces designed depend upon the members of your household and the lifestyle envisioned. Some examples of typical spaces include a patio for dining, an outdoor kitchen, a recreational area for children or adults, a refuge for relaxation, and softscape spaces, among many others.

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Connections and Movement

Ensuring that the flow of movement, both physical and visual, are clear and emphasized by the landscape is a necessity for a large backyard. Rather than having a space that feels disconnected and out of place, your entire landscape will feel unified when walkways connect the various zones of your yard. Moreover, with flowering plants and sensible order of design, your backyard’s design will make sense as family and visitors amble through the landscape.

Remember Lighting

In such a large yard area, lighting will also play a huge role. While lighting at the main house area will be far more intense than in the corners of the property, walkways, heavily used areas, and patios should be clearly lit. Additionally, spot lighting can play a role in improving the nighttime aesthetics of your property - whether you choose to transform the space by highlighting a grand tree, structure, or water feature.

Make sure that the landscape design professional whom you choose to assist you with your master design plan and its implementation understands layered lighting in addition to symmetry, balance, unity, and depth. Without a professional with this knowledge, an outdoor lighting plan can seem disjointed and result in a sea of shadow and empty space. Contact a Nature’s Accents consultant to take care of developing a design that is both functional and visually inspiring.

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