Landscape Design Ideas for Stand-Out Curb Appeal

Every homeowner wants their landscape to offer that great curb appeal that makes their house stand out from the rest in Lebanon, PA. The good news is that you can make a statement by maximizing your front yard and offering a beautiful street view that your neighbors just don't have. No matter what your style or plant preference, here are a few landscaping ideas that can give you that stand out curb appeal for your Lebanon home.

Use Hardscapes to Complement the Design

The architecture of your home is one of the most crucial elements of your curb appeal project and should be taken into account for all landscaping design and redesign. Hardscaping elements like walkways and patios can be used to complement and accentuate your home’s architecture for better curb appeal. Hardscaping is also an excellent way to introduce structure and complement the softscape with the accents and character of natural stone. Retaining walls, for example, are an excellent way to create division in your front yard spaces and introduce a variety of textures and colors. Hardscaping can also serve as a backdrop to your plantings to highlight or create focal points in your landscape.

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Walkway Layout

Landscape Design Ideas for Stand-Out Curb Appeal in Lebanon, PA

Your landscape designer will always be mindful of how traffic will flow to your door. Think about the type of transition guests make from the curb to your front door. If people are simply ignoring your walkways and trampling across your lawn, your front walkway may not be the most efficient route. To prevent the damage to your lawn caused by foot traffic, you may wish to reroute your walkway to make it more effective, or make straying from the path less of a temptation. This might include creating a border for your walkway, pillars or low walls that run beside it, or flanking it with plant beds.

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Thoughtful Blending of Colors

Turn to harmonious colors to brighten up your curb appeal. Take into account the color of your home when choosing plants for your front yard. You can choose analogous colors or complementary colors to create a smoothly blended palette for your home and landscape. For example, a red door will pop when accented with red or bright yellow flowers growing around the steps. Alternatively, consider bold contrasts for a more dramatic front yard effect.

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Go Big When Appropriate

Include big outdoor design items when it's appropriate. Consider using large shapes and masses that are attractive from a distance and which can be a part of a front yard landscape, i.e. shade and shelter structures such as gazebos and pergolas that are visible from the street. Large trees are also effective in creating a pleasing bulk for your front yard design.

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Consider The Seasons of The Year

When landscaping for curb appeal, don’t forget to take the seasons into account, especially since Lebanon experiences a winter which is a dormant season for greenery.  To maintain color and structure during winter, be sure to opt for evergreen shrubs and trees.

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