Unilock Products for Adding Charm and Character to your Paver Walkway Design

While serving the practical purpose of connecting your outdoor spaces, walkways are also central visual features of your landscape. If your walkways are in need of a boost of character and charm, Unilock offers some stunning options to achieve this. Here are just some of the Unilock pavers available in Berks County, PA, that you can use to add color, texture and character to your walkways and hardscape.

Artline For Sleek Walkways

Unilock Products for Adding Charm and Character to your Paver Walkway Design in Berks County, PA

For tidy walkways, with long, clean lines, consider Artline. This paver’s precise geometry creates elegant modern paths to allow easy movement throughout your landscape. Seven different rectangular plank-like shapes allow for great flexibility of creativity and design. Artline presents an attractive granite surface and is available in colors including a sandy Tuscany and neutral Steel Mountain, French Grey and Winter Marvel.

Mattoni For A Traditional Edge

This paver recreates the effect of ancient Roman brick, giving your walkways a historical feel. The strong lines of Mattoni equally complement a contemporary design as well. The paver comes in a single rectangular shape, which creates stunning herringbone and weave patterns with a twist. Mattoni’s strong color selection also makes it ideal for use as a border or accent stone. The color options of Cocoa Brown, Dark Charcoal, and Sable Blend are all compatible with one another, meaning they can all be incorporated into the design of your walkway. Consider, for example, using Sable Blend for the body, a dark Charcoal Border for contrast, followed by another border of Cocoa Brown to finish it off.  

Treo EnduraColor For The Charm Of Flagstone

If you’re looking for a paver with the charm of flagstone, Treo EnduraColor is a durable and attractive flagstone alternative. Treo’s authentic-looking surface and rich, long lasting color are ideal for ensuring a long life for your walkways. This paver comes in a variety of beautiful color schemes, including the New York Blend which offers a passable alternative to bluestone. For a relaxed, sunny appeal, consider the Tuscany shade.

Town Hall for the Warmth of Brick

The appearance of Town Hall is similar to the brick paving of old world Europe and creates a classic, large format weathered brick surface. To further reinforce this effect, select one of its remarkable color schemes. The Burgundy Red shade is a standout color scheme that offers rich warmth of clay cast brick. Also available in this range is Burnt Clay, Old Oak, Basalt, Heritage Red and Heritage Clay. Three color blends are also an option and provide walkways with characterful variation.

Series 3000 To Create Powerful Character

This is another paver that creates a stylish modern feel. The surface is dispersed with particles of granite and quartz, giving the paver a natural sparkle. In the color range for Series 3000, you’ll find some striking options. Black Granite is a dark shade that creates high contrast and deep character. Another bold option is Mocha Brown for deep earthy coloring. Series 3000 is also available in a light Peppered Granite and the varied grey of Crystalline Granite. The range of shapes of this paver also allows for a lot flexibility in the way it is used and makes a wide range of interesting laying patterns possible.

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