Ideal Unilock Products for your Paver Walkway in Reading, PA

A great design for your Reading, PA, walkway is the one that connects the best landscape features and creates an amazing experience for your visitors. With Unilock pavers, a flawless walkway that will be a central element in your outdoor space is easily accomplished. Here are some of the options available in our area:

Series 3000 for Modern Elegance

Ideal Unilock Products for your Paver Walkway in Reading, PA

For your walkway, choose a paver that will match the architectural style of your home. You shouldn’t have to restrict your choice, but be careful with selecting a paver that seems to clash with the architecture. Complement a modern-styled residence with clean, simple looking walkways built with the sophisticated Series 3000 paver. As part of the Unilock EnduraColorPlus line, their complex blend of granite and quartz and realistic texture ensures long-lasting beauty, weather resistance, and versatile style options.

This paver is known for its superior stain-resistance and simple, elegant design. If you want to make a powerful statement with a stylish walkway, consider Series 3000. This paver can be laid in many interesting patterns and its surface, infused with particles of granite and quartz, tends to create a natural sparkle. Create timeless beauty in your outdoor space with the neutral shade of Peppered Granite and add borders in the shade of Black Granite. Other options include the darker gray of Crystalline Basalt and deep earthy Mocha Brown tones.

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Mattoni and Bristol Valley for a Natural Look

Because of its classic Roman brick appearance, Mattoni is suitable for traditional landscapes. The paver comes in deep colors that create natural, vivid walkways and a single rectangular shape, ideal for herringbone and running bond patterns. Mattoni will give your walkway a historical feel with a touch of modern design, making it suitable for borders and accents. This paver is available in three colors, Cocoa Blend, Dark Charcoal, and Sable Blend.

The beauty of Bristol Valley paver lies in its new, refined elegance, moderate surface texture, and look of natural stone. Available in three subtle colors, Bavarian, New York Blend, and Sierra, Bristol Valley makes a great addition to any landscape.

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Westport EnduraColor for the Classic Flagstone Look

The appearance of the Westport EnduraColor paver reflects the natural look of flagstone. With a unique hand-hewn stone texture and interesting, irregular sides that give an authentic touch, this paver comes in both EnduraColor finish and a classic thru-mix finish. The color options include a dark grey Granite and New York Blend and the earthy tones of Almond Grove and Sierra.

Treo EnduraColor is another paver that adds the charm of flagstone to your landscape. This product is part of the EnduraColor line, ensuring strength, durability, and a rich, long-lasting color. Because of its flexibility, Treo paver is suitable for any walkway design that needs the classic edge that a natural stone appearance can provide.

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Cassova for Simplicity

Aside from being the ideal paver for borders and accents, with its weathered surface, Cassova tends to create a graceful, charming walkway. This classic paver can be laid in a herringbone, basket-weave, running bond and stacked-bond pattern, creating a relaxed yet stunning look that will create visual interest in your landscape. Available in three colors, Almond Grove, Granite, and Sierra, Cassova pavers make the ideal complementary paver that will enhance the beauty of your surrounding landscape elements.

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