Last Minute Summer Landscape Maintenance Essentials

Preparing your landscape for summer paves the way for a season of beauty and enjoyment during the warmer months. You’ll appreciate your outdoor space with less effort required for maintenance when the investment occurs on the front end. To prepare for summer, go the extra mile to secure a beautiful landscape to facilitate long days of relaxation or entertaining in Reading, PA. Employ a landscaping professional to provide comprehensive maintenance for a remarkable summertime outdoor experience.

Outdoor Cleanup

Begin your summertime preparations with a thorough cleaning. Don’t underestimate the wonders possible with a power washer, specialized equipment, and a committed team. Overcoming the residue of a long winter will go far to begin your pre-summer preparations.

Inspect and Prune

Following a general cleanup of yard and hardscape spaces, employ a landscape specialist to check over trees and shrubs. A specialist can help to identify branches of trees and plants that have been damaged, and potential fungus or insect infestations. These can be corrected with pruning and pesticide treatment to ensure health through the summer.

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Tidy Beds and Freshen Mulch

Planting beds come next. Have leftover mulch raked up and a new layer spread as needed. Employ the services of a professional to ensure that mulching is effective and fulfills its function in aiding plant growth and suppressing weeds. The benefits of mulch go beyond appearance; it also provides protection and nourishment as the bottom layer of mulch deteriorates.

Plant Annuals

Once you’ve taken care of the existing landscape, it’s time to turn to additional summertime elements. Choose annual plantings with a variety of colors and textures to add to your landscape, and have them placed by your landscaper. You can also spruce up your patio or deck area with container plants and other outdoor decorative enhancements.

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Hardscape Maintenance

To ensure safety and an outdoor space that looks as good as new, have loose pavers refitted and degrading surfaces replaced. Remember to have your landscaper check your fire features and gas lines to ensure that they are in working order for summer entertaining. Pool decking should also be inspected and repaired if necessary and wooden structures resealed to guard against the summer sun.

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Last Minute Summer Landscape Maintenance Essentials in Reading, PA

Add an Outdoor Social Space

Incorporating a gathering place into your landscape is another key step for the summertime preparation process. Whether you simply need to update cushions and design features of a hardscape set up or refresh outdoor furniture, install a pergola, or have an outdoor kitchen constructed, consider the functional and aesthetic needs of your family when making decisions for this special space. Think of the number of guests you’re likely to have, the activities that your family will enjoy, and have your outdoor space designed to enhance these activities. Keep in mind that all additions should maintain architectural and design integrity with the existing home and structures. A landscaping professional can assist with these decisions and ensure that balance, symmetry, and unity are maintained regardless of the choices that you make regarding your summertime landscape.

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