Your Outdoor Fireplace as an Eye-Catching Design Feature

A fireplace can be the perfect focal point for your Lebanon, PA, landscape, lending the space a cozy, welcoming ambience, perfect for intimate gatherings. An outdoor fireplace can also be used in other ways - providing warmth and atmosphere to an outdoor dining room, adding flair to a patio or poolside, or even serving as a central feature all on its own. Whatever the case may be, you can make your fireplace an eye-catching design feature with these tips:

Attractive Materials

Your Outdoor Fireplace as an Eye-Catching Design Feature in Lebanon PA

An effective way to customize your fireplace is to choose interesting materials for its construction. Your choice of materials, their color, texture, unique features and shapes will make a huge difference to the overall design. Release your creative side when deciding on a design for your fireplace that will match the style of your landscape, and at the same time fascinate with its authenticity. Concrete wall units provide a dependable and attractive option, with a wide variety of textures and finishes, with some even replicating the look of natural stone. Natural stone is another option. Talk to your contractor about which stones can be used safely in the design. Another option that makes a wide variety of custom designs possible, is stone veneer. These can be used on fireplaces that may be impractical to build with natural stone in the first place, or to dress up an old build.

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Break from Tradition

Another way to create a unique fire feature is to make variations on commonly accepted conventions - a taller chimney, a larger hearth, keeping the fireplace open on both sides, or by experimenting with different shapes, for example - but remember to consult with your contractor about area regulations for fire features to ensure that your fireplace is both safe and original. And remember, as outstanding and unique as the fireplace might be, it should always complement the style of your outdoor living area.

Focal Point

Being one of the tallest elements in the outdoor space, a fireplace is bound to draw attention. But to further frame your outdoor fireplace as a focal point in your landscape, consider having permanent seating installed, arranged with the fireplace as a centre point. Interesting borders and laying patterns can also be used to highlight and distinguish your outdoor fireplace as a central feature. A color band around the base of the fireplace that contrasts both fireplace and patio, for example, sets it apart from the rest of the space.

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Choose an Interesting Look

For a touch of old world charm, a boulder fireplace or one that makes use of boulder-style stone veneer is an option that is both bold and rustic. Flagstone veneer, either with a stacked look or with a flagstone face can achieve a welcoming, country/rustic look. For a more contemporary design, select a material that embodies straight lines and clean edges. Concrete units offer a variety of options that can achieve the precision necessary for this sort of feature. You contractor will be able to work closely with you in deciding on materials that complement your home and capture the unique look you’d like to achieve.