5 Landscape Design Styles for Your PA Home

The design theme for any landscape project, including those in Lebanon, PA, usually comes from the style of the home, personal and family needs, and also from the personality of the owner of the home. This helps keep the design within the confines of a certain aesthetic and maintain unity between the home and landscape.

There are different design styles that are popular and used frequently in landscape design, but you should not be limited to a strict list of themes. In fact, the design style is just a starting point and what matters is that the end result is in line with your vision. It does help to start with a theme that matches your home style and geographic area, however.

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Before deciding on the landscape design style for your home, consider the following factors:

  • The kind of activities you plan to use your yard for.
  • The kind of conditions that exists in your yard. Is the area sunny or mostly shady?
  • Which design style best reflects your lifestyle?
  • Who will be using the yard? Consider children and pets as well.
  • What landscape style would best complement your home?
  • Do you need a low-maintenance landscape?

Here are a few design styles that may be just what you’re looking for:


The modern style is sleek and uncluttered. It is characterized by clean lines and simple shapes. Materials that can be used to achieve this design style include poured concrete, wood siding, glass, steel and natural stone. The materials used in modern design are of high importance. Because of the simplicity of the modern style, the coloring and textures of the materials are what gives it its decorative qualities. Applying a natural color scheme of grays and browns, punctuated by bold colors such as blue, green, orange, and red, works well for a modern design. Modern landscaping frequently makes use of sparse, low maintenance plantings with simple shapes and rich texture.

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5 Landscape Design Styles for Your Lebanon, PA Home

Cottage Design

Cottage design employs a cultivated rustic quality and makes room for herb and vegetable gardens. Natural stone - particularly flagstone and slate - as well as brick are common materials incorporated into cottage landscape designs. You’ll frequently see winding walkways through abundant, colorful flowerbeds in cottage themes.


If you’d like to live in a Norman Rockwell painting, try Americana, which provides a country ranch look. Picnic tables, tire swings, large trees, sprawling lawns and picket fences are common for this theme. Shades of brown, red and white are popular color schemes for an Americana style.


The Tuscan theme borrows from luxury Italian architecture and landscape. This design style is achieved using wall fountains, hedges, ionic columns, and colors that capture the sunny feel of the Mediterranean - peachy pinks, yellow, beige, olive green, and orange-browns. Natural stone such as sandstone, limestone, marble, and travertine also plays an important role, as well as ironwork hinges and decorative elements.

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For those who are looking for a landscape design style that promotes relaxation with a clean and peaceful ambience, consider the Asian style. Elements that stand out in this theme include raw natural stone, pea gravel, bamboo, sand, pagoda lights, and well kept stone paths.

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