Curved Paver Walkways For Adding Style to Your Lebanon Landscape

Because of their flowing shape, informal walkways can create mystery and visual interest in a landscape, leading visitors on a journey to discover what lies around the bend. There are many walkway styles that incorporate curves to make your Lebanon, PA, landscape a special place. Here are some ideas to add a high-end touch to your landscape with curved walkways:

English Garden Style Walkways

Cottage-style homes incorporate informal walkways that complement their warmth and elegance. Regardless of the architectural style of your home, this type of walkway will add a charming rustic touch to the landscape and serve as a unique and authentic accent piece.

Brick and cobblestone-style concrete pavers are a great way to achieve this type of walkway. With their timeworn appearance and historical charm, brick and cobblestone-style concrete pavers recreate the English garden look effortlessly. The advantage of using concrete pavers that emulate the appearance of brick or natural stone lies in their superior strength and durability, offered at a more affordable price than natural stone.

To accentuate English garden-style walkways, plants such as roses, lavender and other fine textured perennial flowers can be planted in the beds flanking the walkway.

Paver Walkways Bordered with Natural Stone

Combining different building materials is a great way to achieve a one-of-a-kind piece. Concrete pavers offer an overwhelming choice of colors and textures, and can be laid in a variety of patterns, allowing a landscape designer to disrupt the monotony of a landscape and add style with a simple walkway. For extra flair, concrete walkways can be refreshed with a natural stone border. Each piece of natural stone is unique in appearance and, if installed and maintained properly, will last for decades. A natural stone border can be used to complement the undertones of the paver, or create a deep, bold contrast. Consider pairing light grey limestone pavers with charcoal colored concrete pavers, or golden sandstone with brick-style concrete pavers for maximum effect.

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Traditional Bluestone Walkways

Bluestone is a highly durable material. Its striking blue/grey coloring creates a memorable impression, making it perfect for walkways. This natural stone suits both contemporary and traditional landscape styles and is known for its durability, hence its application in high-traffic areas such as patios and walkways.

For traditional homes, there is nothing more appealing than large, irregularly shaped bluestone pieces forming curved paths that connect outdoor features. Bluestone has the tendency to highlight greens and reds in the landscape, making it a perfect material for drawing attention to brickwork or deepening the appeal of rich vegetation.

A Sunny Sandstone Walkway

Curved Paver Walkways For Adding Style to Your Lebanon PA Landscape

Sandstone is one of the most popular natural stones for backyard paving, as it is durable and easy to work. Sandstone offers a variety of reds, tans, blue-greys, and soft golden color variations, perfect for adding sunny appeal or a pop of excitement to a landscape. As the name suggests, sandstone has a grain similar in size to beach sand, giving it a summery, beachy appeal. For adding a mediterranean or tropical feel to the walkways that twist through your landscape, sandstone is ideal.