Get Your Property in Shape For Spring With Professional Landscape Maintenance in Bethlehem PA

Spring cleaning will freshen up your landscape and beautify your Bethlehem, PA home. A healthy and attractive landscape is one that thrives throughout the entire year. This is something that requires professional knowledge and dedication. To avoid headaches down the road, leave your spring cleaning to the experts. With Nature’s Accents Landscape Services, Inc., your yard will be well prepared for the growing season. Here’s what to expect:

Thorough Spring Clean-up

Spring clean-up is the first step to getting things ready for the summer. The amount of spring cleaning your landscape will need will depend on how much cleaning was done during the fall. Fall cleaning is vital for preventing “snow mold,” a fungal disease that damages and kills grass, and is typical of late winter. Raking up leaves in fall is one of the many ways to prevent snow mold.

For spring cleaning of your yard, our team makes sure to remove any leftover dead leaves and stalks from perennials, as well as any fallen pine cones. We also perform essential clearing around plants, and cut back perennials if needed. With our comprehensive landscape maintenance program, you can always rest assured that your landscape is thoroughly taken care of during spring and fall. We make sure every corner of your property is clear, safe and stays naturally beautiful all year round.

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Plant and Lawn Care

Early spring is the time when your lawn and plant beds need some extra care. This includes weed and crabgrass control, fertilization and pest prevention measures. Our team of experts features Pennsylvania Certified Horticulturists (PCH’s) and certified Pennsylvania Pesticide Applicators to ensure that this is done according to strict regulations.

Early spring is the right time for soil testing and preparation for spring seeding. With Nature’s Accents Landscape Services, Inc., you get the whole package, from removing damaged turf and seeding, to crabgrass treatment and balanced fertilization, all done in a timely manner, with the right tools and methods.

Bed Management

Correct preparation of plant beds and fertilization is a vital task that guarantees the beauty of your landscape. With Nature’s Accents Landscape Services, you can rest assured that your lawn will be getting the best care possible. We will also provide ongoing care for your lawn and flower beds, and make sure they stay healthy and thrive throughout the entire year.

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To Prune or not to Prune?

Pruning is not always recommended for trees and shrubs during spring because they may be budding and can be more susceptible to damage. However, if done right, pruning can help some greenery thrive. For example, pruning is necessary for perennials that weren’t pruned during the fall and have been left standing during the winter.

Lawn Mowing and Care

Get Your Property in Shape For Spring With Professional Landscape Maintenance in Bethlehem PA

Mowing is one of the primary methods of keeping a lawn healthy and beautiful. Our team uses state-of-the-art equipment to take care of your lawn. Applying a spring fertilizer and repairing dead patches will give the lawn the perfect spring boost. Aerating the lawn allows greater absorption of water, air, and fertilizer which ensures better root growth.