Turn Your Bethlehem Backyard into a Peaceful Haven with the Help of a Landscape Designer

When you need a peaceful spot to take a moment away from all the things happening in life, there is no better place than your own private backyard getaway. To create such a place, your Bethlehem, PA, landscape will require an exquisite touch of creativity that will make it look and feel like a peaceful haven. Getting help from a landscape professional for your backyard sanctuary is imperative. Here are some things to consider:

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Enjoy Warm Weather in the Shade

For true backyard enjoyment, a well-shaded seating area in the middle of the landscape’s most attractive spots is a must. Shade can be created using a number of different structures, such as pergolas, walls, fences, and trees. Pergolas and fences come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, and offer the best of both worlds: improved landscape design and privacy. Trees are another option for creating refreshing shade that will give your backyard an all-natural look. Nature’s Accents Landscape Services, Inc. will be able to ease the process of selecting the right material and help you decide the best location for your shade structure.

Add Movement with a Water Feature

Turn Your Bethlehem PA Backyard into a Peaceful Haven with the Help of a Landscape Designer

Is there anything more peaceful than the sound of a trickling fountain or cascading waterfall? Water features are the perfect addition for a peaceful outdoor area. Not only do the sounds of a water feature permeate the air with tranquility, the evaporating water also makes the entire outdoor area cooler. They can also complement the space’s look and add a touch of a certain theme. Waterfall features, for example, are highly compatible with a Zen theme - perfect for inducing calm and serenity. The sight and sound of the water will also attract birds and local wildlife, adding birdsong to the soundtrack of your backyard sanctuary.

Connect Highlights with Walkways

Through their curves and meandering detours, walkways can offer a magical experience. They can take you or your guests on a lazy journey around your backyard or serve as access to plants and plant beds. Walkways can be made from brick, concrete pavers, or natural stone. Each material comes with its own set of pros and cons. Dry-laid concrete pavers, for example, are a great option for heavy use and long term durability. The beauty of pavers is in their versatility and ease of installation. High-quality natural stone also makes an excellent addition to a landscape because of its outstanding beauty and longevity. Bricks can also be impressive with their old-world charm and weathered aesthetics.

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Add Character with a Low Wall System

Walls are a necessity in the landscape because of their structural role and their ability to add vertical interest to the landscape. Your landscape designer will be able to determine where to place your wall and which materials to use for its construction. Stone veneer is a common material used for creating stunning outdoor walls, steps, and decorative features. A wall system can be used to enclose an area for privacy, or serve as a base for a unique water feature.

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