5 Benefits of Pergolas in Your Reading, PA, Landscape Design

A pergola is a relatively simple structure that can be an absolutely essential feature when creating a comfortable outdoor living space. It can be completely customized to boost the visuals of a hardscape and complement the home. Read on to discover ways in which a pergola might enhance your landscape design in Reading, PA:

Tailored for Comfort

5 Benefits of Pergolas in Your Reading, PA, Landscape Design

Most of the barriers that limit the amount of time homeowners spend outdoors relate to the elements and any lack of comfort when compared to indoor luxuries. Too little shade can send you seeking the solace of air conditioning around midday. Insufficient shelter from the wind can have the cozy comfort of your indoor living room seem increasingly appealing. These are no longer issues with a pergola. It provides a good deal of shade and can be flanked with screens that serve as windbreaks. The rafters overhead can be angled to combat the unique way in which the sun hits your property during periods when you are most likely to be outside.

Aesthetically Versatile

Pergolas can be found pre-made or built from scratch and packed with personality. The type of wood you choose for the main frame of your pergola can influence how regal or beachy the finished product will look. The foot of each post can be buried in a short stone pillar for an impressive historic touch. Climbing plants can be wound around each post and left to infiltrate the spaces between rafters, creating a soft canopy through which sunlight may filter.

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Designating an Inviting Space

One of the main reasons to install a pergola is to create an enclosed space that feels as private and cozy as an indoor room. Heavy curtains hung from the sides of the pergola can be drawn closed to maximize privacy and provide even more shade. Lighter curtains may billow in the wind and give the outdoor room a resort-like look and feel. A pergola defines the area beneath it as an outdoor room that is separate from the rest of the hardscape. Not only does this help to organize the property, but it also creates the impression that your family members can retreat to a particular part of the backyard for some quiet me-time.

Valuable in the Long Term

An attractive landscape design is a vital part of a valuable property, and a pergola adds a sense of sophistication to an outdoor living space. This can boost the resale value of your home by far more than what you initially invested in the pergola. Distinct outdoor living areas defined by the borders of multiple formidable pergolas can transform a sprawling lawless backyard into a refined living space fit to host large parties in comfort and style.

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A Source of Height

Your flat landscape can be filled with fun features and state-of-the-art furnishings, yet appear lacking in some way. The feeling that something might be missing from your level landscape lies in its lack of vertical dimension. Tall structures are necessary to round out the overall shape of a landscape design. The general shape of your outdoor living space is what visitors will see at a glance and tends to serve as their first impression. This is why height and symmetry are so important in landscape design.