5 Landscape Maintenance Tips for Your Pottsville, PA, Home

Nothing welcomes friends, neighbors, and visitors to your home quite like a well-maintained, lovely landscape. As the seasons come and go, your landscaping undergoes changes that require a little bit of attention and care. Shrubs grow, leaves die, and flower buds drop away. To keep the exterior of your Pottsville, PA, home looking its best, you’ll want to know what goes into the essentials of an effective landscape maintenance plan. 

Getting on a Lawn Mowing Schedule

5 Landscape Maintenance Tips for Your Pottsville, PA, Home

One of the most essential elements of keeping your yard looking its best is by simply keeping it regularly mowed. But how often should that happen? And how short should your grass be? A professional, local landscaper knows exactly what your lawn needs, throughout the seasons, to look its best. Once you get on a lawn maintenance provider’s schedule, you will not have to give lawn trimming another thought.

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Weeding at the Right Times

Like death and taxes, weeds are a fact of life. There are various philosophies about the best ways to deal with weeds, whether it entails painstakingly pulling them out one by one, spraying them with chemicals, or being proactive about the whole matter and making it so they do not sprout up on your lawn at all. Weeding in the early winter may be a smart way to get ahead of ensuring your lawn looks good next year. Contact your trusted landscaper and see what kind of options they have that will work for you. 

Taking a Careful Approach Fertilization

Keeping your yard lush and green takes more than water and sunshine. Your grass needs nutrients and seasonal care to maintain its full, verdant profile year after year. To ensure the right mix of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, in the right doses, and the right time, leave fertilization to the landscape maintenance professionals. 

Flower Bed Management

Don’t let your favorite chrysanthemums and tulips become hidden by overgrowth or strangled out by weeds. Flower bed management could end up being a forgotten element of landscape maintenance if you go back and forth between tending to your flowers yourself and running out of time to do it properly, but tidy walkways and gardens make a big visual impact. If you don’t know where to start, or what the best methods are for helping your flowers and shrubs look their best, add flower bed management to your overall landscaping maintenance plan.

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Seasonal Cleanups

Falling leaves and other natural debris can keep your lawn from reaching its healthiest and most attractive potential. Since seasonal cleanups only happen, well, seasonally, you may find that you don’t even have the right kind of equipment to handle the job properly. Bring in the professionals and their heavy duty equipment for seasonal cleanups and you will not have to waste another beautiful day raking leaves or picking up seasonal litter from your yard. 

A lot goes into keeping a landscape maintained and looking its best, and most homeowners find that they can’t take it all on themselves. Hire a professional landscaper to help you keep up with your landscape maintenance and make taking care of your landscape one less thing to worry about—simply enjoy the results.