How to Find the Best Contractor for Your Next Lebanon, PA Landscape Project

You’re finally ready to update your unused backyard space and create an upscale outdoor experience on your Lebanon, PA doorstep. You have an idea of what kind of installation you want, but don’t know where to start when it comes to finding a trusted contractor to do the job. When it comes to your home, you know you’d want to leave it in good hands, and only the best contractor will do. So, how do you find the best landscape contractor to do the job? Read on and we’ll give you a few great tips for how to find the right contractor to handle your next landscape project. 

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Ask Your Friends and Neighbors

How to Find the Best Contractor for Your Next Lebanon, PA Landscape Project

The opinions of your friends and family are valuable and trustworthy so, if you are in the process of looking for a landscape contractor, those that are close to you should be your first resource. If someone you know has recently had a beautiful landscape addition installed in their backyard, or you have a neighbor who’s lawn and garden you particularly admire, ask them who did the job. Too shy to ask your neighbors in person? Reach out on social media platforms and see who your neighbors and friends would recommend for landscape projects. They’ll probably be happy to show off their finished projects! Sometimes, word of mouth is the most efficient way to locate the best contractor near you. 

Do Your Research

Once you have gathered a few referrals, jump on the world wide web and start researching the companies to whom you’ve been referred. Do they have a good online rating? What awards have they won? Do they have a great-looking website with enough examples of past work? How long have they been in business? Do they specialize in landscape work? These are all things to take into consideration when you choose a contractor. 

Request a Consultation

Now that you’ve done your research, whittle your final contractors down to two or three companies and request a consultation from each one. Ensure that you’ve researched each company’s professional website beforehand to get an idea of what kind of services they provide, and to see pictures of past jobs they’ve completed. Once the contractors arrive for your consultation, take note of what services they will provide, ask for a cost estimate, and see what their availability is for taking on new projects. Your contractor should be able to suggest a variety of materials and ideas for your project, and should take note of your requests and preferences. 

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After you’ve conducted your background checks and consultations, you should have a good feeling about which landscape contractor to choose for your next big project. A combination of word of mouth, positive testimonials, an impressive online presence and a professional and informative consultation should give you everything you need to make a confident choice.