Boost Your Front Yard Landscaping with Beautiful Water Features in Lehigh County, PA

Your front yard landscaping in Lehigh County, PA, is an opportunity to make a lasting first impression. Integrating a beautiful water feature into your front yard landscape can be a beacon, a symbol of welcoming, and a mark of refined elegance. The perfect fountain, waterfall, or water garden will surely make a statement and boost the curb appeal of your home.


What is more elegant and welcoming than a torrent of pristine water cascading down several tiers of stone? Regardless of the size or topography of your front yard, there is a fountain to suit any taste and any landscape. Fountains are incredibly versatile. They come small, offering a meditative trickle; they come large, offering impressive cascades; and they come in every size in between. A smaller fountain can be a whimsical addition to a lush area of plantings. A larger fountain can stand alone for a look that is nothing less than regal. Whether you want the sophistication of a wall fountain, the playfulness of a statuette fountain, the Zen quality of a fountain rock, there is a size, shape, and design for your landscape. Water fountains are simple to maintain and are, therefore, perfect for those who are new to the world of water features. For those who have a natural or manmade body of water in their front yard, a floating fountain or geyser fountain is truly impressive. Additionally, a fountain will help to keep the water clean through constant circulation. Most fountains can also be installed with LED lighting, so even at night your front yard can be a sight to see.

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Pondless Waterfall

Boost Your Front Yard Landscaping with Beautiful Water Features in Lehigh County, PA

A waterfall is one of nature’s most incredible features. The rush of cascading water, the delicate spray, and the constant flow, draw us near. For this reason, a waterfall integrated into the front yard, is the natural, head-turning, choice. Whether you want a natural stone and multi-tiered cascade, or a gradual stream that weaves its way downward through lush greenery, your landscape professional will be able to help you decide what will work best with your particular landscape. One of the main draws of the pondless waterfall is the fact that it is self-circulating. Meaning, you will see the impressive cascade spill over various rock formations and disappear into the ground without seeing a pump or a body of water. The pondless waterfall operates by using an in-ground reservoir fueled by the use of very minimal electricity. For those who want an impressive water feature, but do not want the trouble of having a pond installed or maintained, nothing beats the majesty of the pondless waterfall.

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Water Garden

A water garden surrounded by lush greenery and vibrant flowers really becomes a kind of natural oasis. This eco-friendly paradise is sure to attract visitors: whether songbirds and butterflies, or impressed human guests! A carefully designed water garden has everything a self-contained ecosystem needs, meaning that maintenance is quite minimal compared to the traditional manmade pond. Nature’s Accents landscaping professional will combine the best balance of gravel, rock, plants, pumps, filters, and fish to keep your pond as self-sustaining as possible. Any number of fountains, lights, and waterfalls, can also be easily installed. However, even though a water garden is mostly self-sustaining, it does require more maintenance than most other water features.