Style Your Paver Walkway with Blooming Flower Borders in Allentown, PA

When we establish our homes, we want them to be beautiful, as well as functional.  The same goes for the landscape. When guests approach your Allentown home, you want to make the best impression possible.  This is where a landscaping expert comes into play.  Nature’s Accents Landscape Services can liven up your paver walkway in order to get the most visually pleasing result from the area.  Flowers and brightly colored plantings are a great way to do this. 

Conditions to bear in mind

When considering the types of flowers, you would want placed along the border of your paver walkway, keep in mind that the best choices are often those that hold up well under full sun and may need to be able to withstand disturbances from people or pets take shortcuts. Another thing to keep in mind is if you choose a variety of flowers that tends to attract bees, make sure that those are planted in the area furthest back from the walkway. This will cut down on the possibility of getting stung when walking by.

Brightly colored perennials

Style Your Paver Walkway with Blooming Flower Borders in Allentown, PA  

Perennials are your best bet if you are looking for low maintenance and reliability for return year after year.  There is a wide variety of perennials that work well in border plant beds.  Popular choices include Shasta daisies, Black-eyed Susan’s, Daylilies and Purple Cornflower.  All three of these varieties are hardy in Allentown, PA.

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If you are not worried about a little maintenance then annuals may be the way to go.  The advantage of annuals is that you can change out your selection from year to year, or season to season. Many homeowners find annuals more appealing, as they have the choice of a spring/summer variety and then a fall variety as well.  This can give you much more flexibility with the planting along your paver walkway. Some great choices are well known varieties such as Alyssum, Impatiens, Pansies, and Petunias.  Most of these varieties are available in a wide color palette, so when arranged appropriately will provide a vibrant, striking look to your walkway border beds.

Shrubs for height

Small flowering trees and shrubs are also worth including in flower beds. These can help to add height and structure to plant beds. If your walkway leads directly to your front door, shrubs and trees can help to frame the front door of your and add symmetry to the design. If your walkway curves or meanders, shrubs and trees can help to block the line of sight and create a sense of mystery when using the walkway. 

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Why use border plants and flowers?

Flowers, shrubs and trees, planted along the border of paver walkways can significantly enhance the curb appeal of any property. They add a natural beauty that can only contribute to the property’s appearance, and can even help to soften the rigid edges of hardscape elements. Contact Nature’s Accents Landscape Service to add flair and color to your walkways with blooming flower beds - you’ll be glad you did!