Challenges of Year-Round Lawn Care in Berks County, PA

Each season brings its own lawn care challenges, requiring specific applications and management. Here are some ways to combat those challenges in your Berks County, PA, landscape.

Fall Lawn Challenges 

Challenges of Year-Round Lawn Care in Berks County, PA

One of the biggest challenges of fall lawn care is getting on top of the leaves. You need to have all of the leaves removed from the grass to keep the lawn from dying under their weight. A second challenge is sowing new grass from seeds. Filling the patchy areas before winter so that the seeds have time to root is essential to a good stand of grass for the spring and summer. Finally, fertilizing the lawn is critical for the roots of the grass to grow strong, and the fertilizer provides the nutrients necessary to survive the winter weather. 

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Winter Lawn Challenges

Winter challenges certainly involve rain, wind, and ice that can damage trees and other features of the landscape. The debris that is left after the harsh, cold weather has to be removed to make way for new spring growth, so cleaning up the yard is a must. 

Shoveling snow and de-icing walkways and driveways leaves a salt residue that can harm the nearby grass. Investigate the grass beside these areas once the weather warms to see if there are sections that need to be removed and reseeded. Also, check for any cracked sections of your hardscapes such as porches, steps, and walkways.

Spring Lawn Challenges 

The harsh winter weather can leave quite some problems. There’s a need in the spring to look for grass mold and dead spots which can happen after snow sits on the ground for any length of time. Branches and debris often litter the ground and need to be collected and removed. Raking away the leaves and small limbs leaves your yard free to receive the sunlight and oxygen needed to thrive once the weather gets warm.

Spring lawns also need fertilizer in the proper ratio to supply the nutrients your grass and plants require to grow strong and healthy. This is also the time to control weeds by applying pre-emergent weed control. Any pests such as grubs, moles, and fire ants may need to be controlled with a pest control application. And, don’t forget to water your lawn early in the morning before the sun gets hot to maximize the moisture that sinks in and refreshes the roots.

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Summer Lawn Challenges

While the sunny, warm days bring our favorite outdoor activities such as swimming and going on vacation, those same days can be stressful on your lawn. Be sure to fertilize mid-summer to replenish the nutrients that your lawn used in the springtime growing season. You may need to water every other day deeply to 1 to 2 inches below ground to ensure that your lawn is getting the moisture it needs to survive the hot weather. 

Mowing is critical to your lawn’s health so keep the mower level high to protect the fragile roots from burning. Keep the mower blade sharp to avoid tearing the blades of grass instead of cutting them. Summer is the time you can see where the high traffic areas are and once identified, you can install stepping stones or a walkway to allow for the traffic without killing the grass. 

Keeping up with each season’s unique requirements is stress-free when your lawn is cared for by reliable landscape maintenance experts. With employees who prides themselves in using the latest methods to trim and mow, as well as the specific pruning and shaping practices for each particular plant, they can take over the ongoing maintenance to keep your landscape looking fantastic year round.