Ways Landscape Design Can Improve Neglected Allentown, PA, Poolscapes

If you feel like your pool area has become an unsightly mess or perhaps you have renovated the exterior of your home and your pool is looking dumpy, consider the ways that a fresh landscape design can transform a neglected Allentown, PA, pool area. 

Keep the Pool, Refresh the Landscape

Ways Landscape Design Can Improve Neglected Allentown, PA, Poolscapes

If you like the shape of the swimming pool or only have a small area for a pool and no room for expansion, then a fresh landscape can make all the difference. Think about removing part of the pool deck to make way for seasonal flowers, a new landscape bed, and lighting for your entire backyard. Often, an older pool deck is very wide and all of the decking may not be necessary for the function of the pool. Removing the entire outside portion can allow for pretty landscaping effects that bring life and greenery back to your yard.

Consider adding a fire feature such as a fire pit or outdoor fireplace to an unused corner and connect the fire area to the pool with a stone walkway. This way you can relax and let the kids swim on a nice evening while you chat with friends by the fire. Illuminate the entire backyard with uplighting for trees, ambient interior pool lights, and string lights for the fire area, and you’ll will have an oasis in the backyard.

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Add a Covered Pergola

So many older pool areas seem like a big concrete walkway with no personality. Adding a pergola to an ordinary concrete space near the pool creates a useful space for when you are tired of swimming and need a break. Covering the pergola with a roof can bring a much needed break from the hot sun and ceiling fans help to cool everyone. Fill the space under the pergola with comfortable couches and chairs that can withstand the wet swimmers, and this is the spot everyone will head to for relaxing after swimming. 

Liven up the pergola with flowering vines planted in the stone bases of the support columns to make this a living space. Colorful pots filled with flowers and ornamental grasses add just the pop of color your pool space needs to become a favorite hangout. 

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Replace the Decking

In some homes, pool decks are the least interesting part of the pool area, but you can change this for your property by replacing the concrete deck with quality paving stones of virtually any color. Vary the laying pattern to add interest and keep the stone color choice the same as the exterior colors to create a contemporary, monochromatic aesthetic. Bring in color with large pots of varying heights of green plants and trees, and the focus will be on your pool area as a whole, instead of your eye lingering on the vast expanse of white concrete.

Replace the Fence

Pool safety may require the fence that encircles the pool area, but it does not have to be an ugly, dated fence. Frequently, the fence is moldy and brown and can have sections that are in poor repair. Replacing the fence with a current style can dramatically change how the poolscape looks.