Hire a Landscape Contractor to Create an Eye-Catching Front Entrance in Lebanon County, PA

In Lebanon County, PA, curb appeal is a sought after characteristic of front yard landscaping. More specifically, a front entrance says a lot about your home before guests even step onto your porch. Create an eye-catching front entrance that is sure to give your home the curb appeal you desire with these tips:

Choose Your Contractor Wisely

The first step to creating a beautiful front entrance is picking the right contractor for the job. With so many landscaping services to choose from, it can be hard to know where to look. When looking for a contractor, a good first thing to do is to check if they have any awards for their work. In addition, look for certifications that the contracting company has acquired. Guarantees, such as warranties, money back guarantees, or product quality guarantees are also a plus. If the company boasts all of these recommendations, then it's time to look at what other people have to say. Read reviews of the company and see if there is a general consensus of high-quality work across the board. Nature's Accents Landscape Services, Inc. fits these criteria perfectly. With over 15 years of collaboration with homeowners and businesses, Nature's Accents has the credentials and customer satisfaction to give you the front entrance you’ve been envisioning.

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Gathering Your Design Ideas

Hire a Landscape Contractor to Create an Eye-Catching Front Entrance in Lebanon County, PA

Once you have gone through the process of picking your landscaping company, it is time to start designing your front entrance. Nature’s Accents will work closely with you to ensure that your front entrance design is a winner. After all, this will create the first impression of your home to visitors. For example, large stairs that get progressively slimmer as they meet your door will create a welcoming front entrance that draws attention to your front door. You can also incorporate pillars and walls into your front entrance design. These elements can be used to add extravagance to your staircase. Raised plant beds can be included for a beautiful display of flowers. This feature is great for adding a little extra color to the front yard.


The next step is to make sure that your front entrance has adequate lighting. Light fixtures do not only add safety to your front entrance, they can also contribute to the aesthetic of your home. Consider hidden light fixtures along the side of your walkway. You can also have spotlights placed beneath trees and other features so that they are illuminated at night. Security lights are also important to consider. Motion sensor lights can give you that added peace of mind every homeowner seeks.

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Finishing Touches

It’s finally time to take a step back and consider your front entrance as a whole. The different textures and materials used for your home can be incorporated into your design. One way to accent colors and textures is by adding paver borders. The pavers used in your driveway, for example, can be added as a single course along your walkway to create a framed design. Or consider using a stone veneer matching your home’s siding for pillars and low walls.