5 Landscape Design Ideas for Creating the Perfect Outdoor Shower Space in Whitehall, PA

Outdoor showers bring added functionality to your landscape, and allow you or your family to wash off after backyard sports or a swim. In Whitehall, PA, you have a large array of design ideas to gather inspiration from. The professionals at Nature’s Accents Landscape Services are able to help you create the outdoor shower that meets all of your backyard design requirements. Here are some ideas:

Exposed Rock

Outdoor showers are a great place to combine the colors and textures of nature and the luxuries of an indoor shower. Big natural stone boulders or rock pieces can be used to create the privacy wall of your outdoor shower. Ledges for toiletries can be created by rock slabs extending from your privacy wall as shelves. Complete this tropical waterfall look by having a large rainfall shower head installed. The rich grain of natural sandstone can be used to provide an attractive, non-slip flooring for your outdoor shower. For comfortable feet, consider a section of gapped wooden floor as a shower mat.

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Surround your Shower with Plantlife

5 Landscape Design Ideas for Creating the Perfect Outdoor Shower Space in Whitehall, PA

Plants and flowers are a beautiful way to bring even more natural appeal into your outdoor shower space. Incorporating plants into an outdoor shower will not only up the aesthetic of the feature, the plants will benefit as well. You can also take advantage of the natural privacy that a row of tall plants, or overflowing raised plant beds can produce. Keeping these plants healthy becomes simple, as the shower’s runoff can be redirected to hydrate the flowers and plants around it.

The Simple Design

While an attractive outdoor shower area is important, the practical purpose of this feature goes beyond just its appearance. Outdoor showers need to be durable, easily accessible, and easy to clean, especially if you have four-legged friends at home. Taking all of these aspects into consideration, sometimes a simple design is best. With a simple design, you can save a lot of space having the shower head installed directly onto the wall of your home or pool hut, in a spot that you find most convenient. For the floor and wall of the shower, consider a permeable concrete paver with a non-slip and easy-to-clean finish to make this outdoor shower simple and manageable. Concrete pavers come in many colors and designs to ensure that this simple outdoor shower design blends with the rest of your home’s exterior.

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Accents of Paradise

Whatever the theme of your landscape may be, your outdoor shower can host elements of an exotic paradise. Bamboo, for example, can be used to create a beautiful enclosure for the shower, and dark volcanic rock can be added around the shower to complement the light colors of the bamboo.

Sleek and Contemporary

For something a bit more sleek, consider a modern or contemporary design. That can be achieved by incorporating sleek stainless steel fixtures and dark natural stone accents, such as those provided by limestone or granite. These two materials complement each other exquisitely. You can also use privacy glass for the wall around your outdoor shower for added enclosure while still maintaining plenty of natural light.