How a Landscape Contractor Can Improve Your Backyard with Steps and Walls in Reading, PA

Adding depth to your Reading, PA, backyard with newly installed steps and walls is a great way to improve a boring or sloped landscape. The appearance and functionality of your yard can expand and change drastically when you seek out the expertise of a landscape contractor for any of the following techniques.

How a Landscape Contractor Can Improve Your Backyard with Steps and Walls in Reading, PA

Sloped Yards

Sloped yards tend to be problematic for homeowners because they often limit the amount of useful space available on a property. With steps and walls, you can carve out usable space on sloped land. For example, if you have a large downward-sloped yard, a landscape contractor can install a retaining wall to give you an even surface. Once a retaining wall is built, additional topsoil will be added to give you a surface that you can use. Steps can be added so that you can access all areas of your property.

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If desired, and depending on the degree of slope in your yard, multiple walls can be added to create more usable space for plantings. We work with trusted, quality products like Concord Wall by Unilock, whose strength and durability will create a stable retaining wall that lasts.

Defined Spaces

If you’ve got a wide-open space and want to add some definition, you can use walls and steps to create separate areas for lounging, cooking, or even a firepit. Walls can be used to define spaces and also for casual seating. For example, we can create a paver patio immediately adjacent to your home in whatever shape you’d like. We can add a seating wall around the patio that will provide safety, ensuring that your guests won’t lose their footing if they walk near the edge of the patio.

Depending on the design you want, we can also create a two-level patio. With a wide enough space, the patio can be divided into a section for eating or lounging, and another section for your grill or firepit.

Picking Your Components

Because it’s your design, the options are limitless! When picking your components, you can choose which style of material matches best with your home’s exterior and the overall feel of your outdoor haven. The line of Unilock products offers something for every design, whether it’s modern, traditional, historical, or any other style. For example, if you’d like a more modern design, Lineo Dimensional Stone has a smooth finish with sleek, clean-cut edges perfect for seating walls. For a softer, more relaxed look, Brussels Dimensional System features multi-sized tapered components that let you incorporate curved walls and other warm elements into your design. With the look of tumbled stone, Brussels Dimensional Stone adds a natural look to any style of design. Pair it with Brussels Block pavers for your patio and steps for a cohesive look that will complement any home.

No matter the state of your backyard, a landscape contractor can help you improve the style and functionality of your space using steps and walls. Creating definition and more usable living areas is the key to a well planned design that looks good and adds value to your home. Visit our contact page so we can get started on helping you bring your backyard to life!

Image courtesy of Unilock.