Landscape Contractor's Design Tips for Tackling a Sloped Yard in Allentown, PA

Having a sloped yard can seriously dampen your outdoors fun and prevent you from fully enjoying your backyard. Be sure to make the most of the space you have by looking into solutions that can fix this issue. If your Allentown, PA, yard has some sloped areas, our tips from a landscape contractor can provide you with ways to greatly improve your outdoor living space.

Design with the Slope in Mind

When planning what to do with your sloped yard, account for the slope in the design. With serious slopes, you will likely not be able to eliminate the incline altogether due to the makeup of the natural terrain. Instead, integrate a multi-level plan into your design. Having multiple heights can create a beautiful landscape and work to your advantage. For example, if you have a slope that’s highest on the far end of your property, plan a multi-level retaining wall with arborvitae trees on the highest level for some privacy. If you like gardening with edibles, a multi-level retaining wall can actually be a great place to plant a variety of nutritious treats.

Carve Out an Entirely New Yard

Sometimes having a sloped yard can seem like a waste because it can be unwieldy spaces that are unsafe for pets or children to climb and navigate. Even if correcting the slope of the whole yard isn’t possible, most yards can give up a reasonable amount of space to create a flat surface that you can use for a patio, entertaining area, or an expanse of grass.

Work with a landscape contractor to find out where the best area in your yard would be to create a flat space. Landscape professionals use dirt and other materials to partially correct sloping and open up usable space. The rest can be remediated by installing retaining walls. If you have a really big property, you may have more than one level area separated by a slope. This can be utilized by adding stairs to access all parts of the property.

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Maintaining the Property

Landscape Contractor's Design Tips for Tackling a Sloped Yard in Allentown, PA

Once you’ve had your yard corrected for sloping issues and new retaining walls installed, it’s time to enjoy your outdoor space! Maintaining the work that was done will help to ensure a lasting job, and more importantly, safety for you and your family. Be sure not to plant anything with aggressive roots on or near the retaining walls as this could compromise their integrity. Having certain trees a safe distance away from the walls can help to channel water back into the earth, away from your new hardscape features. Also be sure to maintain the flora on the walls, as excessive weed growth could get in between the stones and cause them to fail. A landscaper can help with regular weed maintenance and selecting the right plants that strike the balance between beauty and safety.

Once a problematic area has a solution, the rest of your landscape deserves a review. You may find your yard is more practical now and could use a new patio or outdoor room. Soon enough, you’ll be adding an outdoor dining set on your new paver patio, mixing up some cold drinks, and enjoying the view.

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