Selecting Color and Materials for Your Outdoor Fireplace in Pottsville, PA

An outdoor fireplace will be a convenient and functional addition to your backyard living area in your Pottsville, PA, home. Whether you’re keeping warm in cooler months, roasting marshmallows, or just enjoying the beauty of a fire at nighttime, it’s certain to be an investment that you’ll cherish. To get the look that best complements the rest of your landscape, take the time to choose the right combination of materials and color for your new fireplace.

Choosing Materials

The first step to making your outdoor fireplace a reality is choosing the materials. Unilock’s line of pavers and stone for hardscaping gives you numerous options for creating the exact look you want.

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Selecting Color and Materials for Your Outdoor Fireplace in Pottsville, PA

For a fireplace close to your seating area, you may want to opt for a natural aesthetic that can be admired up close. Brussels Block is a great choice for natural looking material that adds classic character to your project, and comes in half or standard sizes so that you can fully customize your look, even mix and match sizes to add more texture. Another amazing choice for a fireplace with some curves is Rivercrest Wall. Its textured feel and layered look create a gorgeous look straight out of a country garden that will blend right in with your natural landscape. If you’re looking for a fireplace with clean, modern lines, look no further than Lineo Dimensional Stone. With its smooth finish and consistent look, this material is sure to give you an updated feel with loads of style. It’s super versatile and can add an upscale, luxury feel to any home. For the best of both worlds, Copthorne is modeled after classic brick and will provide clean, straight lines while also giving you a softer feel. It’s also one of the most durable materials available, and its high-performance characteristics make it perfect for an outdoor fireplace.

Choosing Your Color Scheme

The color of your fireplace should complement the style and materials you’ve chosen as well as your home. If you’ve chosen a more classic look like Brussels Block or Rivercrest Wall, consider more muted colors to continue to the natural feel of those materials. Brussels Block in Limestone will give you a relaxed look and allow you to use furnishings or plants for pops of color and interest. Rivercrest Wall is available in Buff or Coastal Slate, either being a great choice for a fireplace that looks like it’s simply an extension of the natural surroundings.  If you want a more modern feel and have opted for something like Lineo Dimensional Stone, consider using Midnight Charcoal to add a stylish accent to your fireplace. Copthorne gives you a wide array of color options like Burgundy Red, bold Basalt, or new Steel Blue, so you can create a look that adds a classic yet clean, consistent look.

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