Improve the Health of Your Plant Beds with Landscape Maintenance in Schuylkill County, PA

Plant-life not only beautifies Schuylkill County, PA, landscapes, but adds to air quality, visually softens hardscapes, and generates a welcoming ambience too. When plant beds go awry, they can take with them growing and fully-mature plants, which won’t survive in unhealthy soil over time. Here’s how you can improve the health of your plant beds with the help of professional landscape maintenance:

Fertilizer Works Wonders

It’d be great if all soil in Schuylkill County, PA was perfect for producing quality plant beds without any intervention, but this is often not the case, especially after native topsoil has been removed or has eroded away. This leads to the need for plant fertilizers which can improve the overall health of your plant beds. It is recommended that you have your soil tested and treated by a professional, such as Nature’s Accents Landscape Services, Inc. as experienced landscape maintenance experts will be able to provide the best fertilizer options for your plant beds.

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Weeding for Good Health

Plants cannot thrive if there are weeds choking the life out of them. Your Nature’s Accents landscape maintenance team will be able to ensure that plant beds are consistently kept free of weeds to avoid this. One of the ways to keep weeds to a minimum is to choose plant groups that aren’t quick to outgrow their allotted spaces, while at the same time filling in plant beds as necessary. Landscapers may also suggest liquid herbicides. These cut down weeding time as you don’t have to pull them out after they die – especially when they’re tiny weeds - as it isn’t long before the weeds degenerate. The thing is, weeds will always grow, so it is necessary for professionals to keep an eye on beds for their appearance and subsequent removal. Other herbicides that can reduce weed germination are pre-emergent herbicides.  Ask us about mulching which is another recommended weed growth minimizer, to see if it is the right option for your plant beds.

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Insects Causing Problems

Certain insects can be a valuable part of the life cycle of plants. Ground and soldier beetles provide aid to plant beds, as they feed on aphids and other multi-legged critters that can harm or destroy plants. Don’t be too alarmed if you see bugs traipsing about in your soil. Your landscape maintenance expert will be able to tell you which insects are beneficial for your plants and which may lead to problems and infestations. What you don’t want, is for plants to be unhealthy, which makes them a prime target for pests. If necessary, our experts can administer pest control that won’t harm the plants in your plant beds.

Watering the Right Way

Improve the Health of Your Plant Beds with Landscape Maintenance in Schuylkill County, PA  

Watering plants can seem like a simple task, but it’s a delicate balancing act. Too much or too little water can ruin plant beds. Amateur landscape maintenance personnel may be unfamiliar with what is required based on your soil type, plants, and so on. Our skilled team at Nature’s Accents, however, have all the tools and knowledge to make sure that you never have this problem. One type of plant will not need as much water as another, and others will need more. While mature plants, for example, don’t need as much watering as younger buds do. This variety calls for expert care and attention. Consult with our experts to put in place a watering schedule so that your plant beds maintain healthy growth.