How Landscape Maintenance Changes During Fall and Winter in Schuylkill County

When the temperatures start falling, your Schuylkill County, PA, landscape will need extra care in order to stay in top shape. Fall and winter landscape maintenance differs drastically from the kind that comes with hospitable spring and summer weather. A professional landscape maintenance crew that can navigate these conditions is essential.

Fall Landscape Care

How Landscape Maintenance Changes During Fall and Winter in Schuylkill County, PA

Early fall is ideal for planting new perennials and overseeding lawns, but fall landscape maintenance doesn’t end there. One of the most important maintenance tasks of this season is the cleanup of fallen leaves and other debris. Leaves and other plant matter can form a thick, heavy mat if left unattended, to be snowed on come winter. This can both inhibit the spring growth of grass and provide a welcome environment for pests and fungus, resulting in a patchy, unhealthy lawn when springtime comes. To prevent this, our crew offers a regular and thorough cleanup service throughout the season.

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In preparation for the winter, a thorough hardscape inspection is also recommended. Any damage to hardscaped surfaces should be repaired in order to prevent further damage from the approaching freeze/thaw cycle. This includes both horizontal surfaces, such as patios, pool decking, walkways, and driveways, and vertical elements, particularly load-bearing retaining walls which will bear heavier burdens under the weight of snow and ice.

Irrigation systems and certain outdoor kitchen utilities will also require winter prepping. This will prevent any leftover water from freezing and causing damage to pipes and fittings. Leave this to our knowledgable team for peace of mind over winter.

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Winter Landscape Maintenance

During its dormant period, buried beneath winter snow, a lawn is particularly vulnerable. This means that a good crew will ensure that traffic across the grass is kept to a minimum during winter. Environmentally friendly de-icing methods will also be necessary in order to prevent damage to lawn and plants.

A winter tree inspection is a good idea to make sure you are dealing with healthy trees that won’t pose a hazard during strong winds, winter storms or heavy snowfall. Removing damaged branches is important as this lowers the chances of the limbs breaking and causing property and personal damage. On the other hand, despite cold weather,  winter is a great period for trees because there are no bacteria, fungi or bugs that are active during the cold months so correct preparation is ample to ensure that most trees, plants, and shrubs survive the dormant period.

Outdoor Lighting

When the days become shorter and the nights longer, outdoor lighting becomes increasingly important. This means that now is the perfect time to install outdoor lighting for your residence. If you already have outdoor lighting installed, an inspection of the system will help to reduce inconvenience when it is needed the most. Illuminating your home is important because it provides safety and creates a functional outdoor space that can be used during the cooler days. Great lighting will also boost your curb appeal, add value to your home, and create a warm and welcoming winter ambience.