Stunning Design Styles for Your Berks County Outdoor Kitchen

Designing your outdoor kitchen to reflect your style preferences while also meeting the functional needs of your family and lifestyle can be as simple as identifying the layout most conducive to your plans and pairing it with materials that complement your home, both within and without. For your Berks County, PA, outdoor kitchen, you can enjoy a stunning outdoor kitchen with thoughtful planning and the assistance of a Nature’s Accents landscaping expert.

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Outdoor Kitchen Island Stand-Alone

Stunning Design Styles for Your Berks County, PA, Outdoor Kitchen

The most affordable route, a simple island with a grill and limited counter space, is ideal for couples or those whose outdoor entertaining is limited to the occasional barbecue. With a remarkable stone exterior and quality grill, this patio addition will add functionality and aesthetic to the hardscape. However, be sure that the limited nature of the outdoor kitchen space will work for your plans, considering the need for travel in and out of the indoor kitchen for prep work and clean up when adequate space is lacking in the outdoor kitchen area. In addition, dining space will be needed in an area separate from your outdoor kitchen, which can limit the outdoor kitchen space as a focal area.

Outdoor Three-Sided Kitchen Design

Extend the simple stand-alone with counters on each end of the grill, and you’ll have a three-sided outdoor kitchen. With ample space for guests to pull up a stool and interact with the cook, your family and friends will appreciate this cozy set up. While not ideal for formal gatherings, the functionality is superior to an island alone. With the multitude of materials available, the aesthetics aren’t limited either.

Outdoor Kitchen with Two Separated Counters

The next step up is a split-level design, with two separate counters composing the outdoor kitchen space. This creation is large enough to include a sink, an outdoor fireplace, and other amenities depending on your preferences. Guests will have a place to pull up a seat for casual get togethers, but you will still need to include a dining space for more formal, planned parties. Preparing more complex meals will be possible with this level of outdoor kitchen design.

Almost a Square Outdoor Kitchen

The most extravagant, but also the most complete, outdoor kitchen space is the three sided, almost square kitchen plan. You’ll be able to include any and every outdoor kitchen feature that you’d like, from a sink to an outdoor pizza oven and more. Plenty of counter space makes eating in close proximity easy, and depending on the patio size, you can further the functionality and appearance by including a formal dining area.

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Extra Features for Additional Spice

Your outdoor kitchen will focus primarily on the functionality of the space. Features will deal with the planning, preparation, serving, consumption, and clean up of food. However, the aesthetics of your outdoor kitchen matter. While your focal point of the area might be a magnificent outdoor fireplace or other amenity, you might also choose to include more purely decorative features, like a waterfall, inlaid paver “rug”, or other design element intended to enhance the appearance of the outdoor kitchen while having a minimal effect on its functionality.