Essential Landscape Maintenance for PA Homes

Essential Landscape Maintenance for Reading, PA Homes

A beautifully cultivated and maintained landscape is a reflection of the pride a homeowner takes in their home. But that doesn’t mean you have to take on the dirty work yourself. Here are some essential aspects of landscape maintenance that Nature’s Accents Landscape Services, Inc. can take care of for you in Reading, PA:

Lawn Care

A lush and green lawn is the foundation of a beautiful yard. But there’s more to lawn care than meets the eye. Like any plant, grass needs the right balance of nutrients and healthy soil. A regular fertilization program can help ensure your lawn has everything it needs to thrive. Of course if weeds or pests have taken over, those nutrients won’t be of much use to your lawn. To further ensure a healthy lawn, a weed and pest control service is essential. With our certified Pennsylvania Pesticide Applicators, you can ensure that this job is taken care of in the most effective and environmentally friendly way possible.

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Lawn Mowing

Lawn care doesn’t end there. As most homeowners who’ve taken on this chore themselves know, regular lawn mowing is an absolute necessity. Correct lawn mowing promotes a turf that’s healthy, drought-resistant and thick enough to crowd out weeds. We ensure optimal turf by employing specialized equipment and cutting techniques individually suited to the type of grass at hand. We know that you’d rather spend your weekend doing something you love with your family, so why not let us mow your lawn instead?

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Plant Care

As crucial as it is to care for your lawn, plants and trees should not be left behind as they enhance the scenery and add interest to your yard. Proper horticultural practices should always be followed to keep plants healthy and nourished. Our plant care program includes pruning, balanced fertilization, weed and pest control, as well as preventative and curative measures against plant diseases and fungi. With Pennsylvania Certified Horticulturists on our team, you can rest assured your plants are taken care of by experts in the field.

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Plant Bed Management

Having beds properly maintained can be an unforeseen challenge for homeowners with newly installed landscapes. Seeking the services of professional maintenance personnel ensures the quality of your landscape is not lost. Maintaining the beauty of your landscape is our specialty. Plant bed management includes planting, weeding and trimming, ensuring that your plant beds are always show-ready. Our team will also be able to advise on the best plantings for the soil and weather conditions present in your yard, and plan the optimal location and arrangement of new plant and flower beds.

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Seasonal Clean-Ups

Each season brings its own set of conditions for your landscape, each requiring preparation and management. From snow and storm management in the winter, to spring cleaning, to summer maintenance, to fall clearing and winter preparation. It is important to keep your lawn and landscape clear throughout to reduce the effects the seasons may have on your landscape.

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