Paver Patio Designs to Inspire Next Year's Remodel

While summer may seem far away, the new year is just around the corner, making now an excellent time to start envisioning a patio remodel for you Reading, PA, home. Spare a moment to think of outdoor family gatherings, relaxing in the sun, and everyday getaways as you write up your New Year’s resolutions. Investing in a new patio design is always money well spent, and you’ll be happy you did when barbecue season rolls around. Consider some of the following paver patio designs for a beautiful new look for your patio in 2018:

Vibrant Contemporary Design

Paver Patio Designs to Inspire Next Year's Remodel in Reading, PA

If your idea of contemporary design is one of stark minimalism and muted color schemes, think again. Stunning effects can be achieved by marrying the clean lines and edges of modern style pavers such as Artline from Unilock with bright colors and vibrant decorative elements. In keeping with a vibrant contemporary design, Unilock offers Artline in the color option of Tuscany, a warm, sunny shade that is ideal for this sort of aesthetic. Also available in this range are the more subdued colors of Steel Mountain, French Grey, and Winter Marvel - all of which pair perfectly with brightly colored accent pillows or stunning springtime flower arrangements. This marriage of uncluttered design and bohemian color sensibilities is the perfect way to simultaneously reinvigorate and modernize your patio space in the new year.

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Cobblestone Pavers for a Cozy Patio

If your ideal patio is one that embraces comfort and coziness, cobblestone pavers are an excellent way to achieve this. Courtstone pavers from Unilock offer both the timeworn charm of old street cobblestone and the color options needed for a warm, comforting aesthetic with the Pebble Taupe or Dawn Mist/Pebble Taupe Blend. Of course, a cozy outdoor space wouldn’t be complete without a stunning fire feature. The benefit of utilizing small paving stones like Courtstone is that they allow for circular laying patterns, meaning that your patio floor can act to draw the eye to a circular fire feature at its centre. For this purpose, consider a Sunset Firepit Kit or Romanstack Firepit Kit from Unilock. Also available from Unilock is a wide range of compatible outdoor fireplaces that will contribute further warmth and comfort to your 2018 patio design.

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Quaint Traditional Design

If you’re looking to incorporate the French-cottage theme or similar quaint cottage style into your new patio design, you can use both large format pavers and cobblestone pavers to achieve an elegant look. Natural stone paving, such as limestone or sandstone patio slabs, will freshen up the look of your backyard and make for a patio design that embraces the simple pleasures of life, while a Courtstone border will highlight the soft undertones of natural stone. Such a patio can be further enhanced with a lattice pergola draped with flowering vines to protect against the summer sun. Not to be left out of a quaint traditional design is the inclusion of a water feature, which can be incorporated into the low walls that enclose the space.

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Image courtesy of Unilock.