4 Great Features for Front Yard Landscaping in Pottsville

Homeowners and landscape architects tend to pay plenty of attention to the backyard, as this is where they have the most space to manipulate. However, the front yard is equally important as it serves as an introduction to the rest of your landscape. The impact of a stunning backyard can be dulled by having experienced a boring or neglected front yard moments before. Here are a few ways to enhance your Pottsville, PA, front yard and set an excellent example of what the rest of your property has to offer.

Soothing Water Features

Water features can add interest and personality to any part of a landscape, including the front yard. These features contribute the tranquil sound of running water to the space, inviting guests to relax. They can also be designed in various creative shapes, from detailed sculptures to trendy geometric designs.

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Friendly Fire Features

4 Great Features for Front Yard Landscaping in Pottsville, PA

A fire pit or outdoor fireplace will bring warmth and ambience to your front yard, inviting you to continue enjoying the space long after sunset. An arrangement of furniture around a fire pit makes for a wonderfully snug space and plenty of conversation. Ensure that the materials you use in your fire feature don’t clash with the architecture of your home, but rather complement it. This rule of thumb applies to all the hardscaping elements in your front yard, as they are usually so close to the home and an uncoordinated contrast will be easy to notice.

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There are few limitations when it comes to the shape and size of your fire feature, and they can be designed to suit both modern and traditional aesthetics. Opting for a natural stone veneer is a sure-fire way to achieve a sophisticated fire feature, but there are also plenty of concrete wall units on the market that emulate natural stone perfectly, such as those offered by Unilock.

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A Small Patio

A small patio at the front of your property can be the perfect place from which to enjoy a cup of coffee or watch the kids ride their bicycles in the street. Consider nestling a patio near the entrance to your home, enclosed by low walls that define it as an outdoor room of its own. This can also serve as a welcoming space to meet guests, perhaps at a small bistro table or in a collection of comfortable armchairs.

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Charming Walkways

All the aforementioned features need to be connected somehow, to ensure that the overall hardscape design is cohesive and well ‘put-together’. Walkways serve to clearly link these different elements as parts of a single hardscape, regardless of how far apart they may be and how different their surrounding atmospheres are. Walkways can be created using small concrete pavers, laid in intricate patterns for a captivating finished product. They can also be shaped using pleasant variations of natural stone, like bluestone, which has a calming effect on the surfaces it adorns. Another way in which you can connect different parts of your hardscape is by using the same accent pavers throughout the design, creating identical borders and banding that echo one another.

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Image courtesy of Unilock.